10 life hacks to make your study abroad stay easy


Undoubtedly you are too excited for your first trip to abroad. You have rosy dreams in your eyes and you cannot wait to reach there. But friends like other students; you will also face the same funny struggles that everyone else do. This article will focus on making you aware of these things. At the end of the article you will surely have what all you need to stay in abroad.



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  1. Heavy price everywhere

When you buy a burger here in India it costs you just 50 rupees and when you tend to buy the same burger in abroad, it can go up to 12dollars. You suddenly start calculating the cost here and there. Price of food in restaurant and fine dining can be very expensive. Not just food, you will experience this heavy toll in everything. Getting used to new currency system can take some time but initial days always go in calculating the difference between two currency systems.

  1. Getting obsessed with the rock-star look

You see students growing their hair and beard all over in the university. The simple reason behind this is cost behind hair cut. It can cost up to 15-20 dollars in abroad. Woohhh!!!! This really seems a huge amount. So the obsession is not the reason but price is.

  1. Saving water 😛

Okay this is something very touchy. Washrooms are seen to be a struggling area for us out there because we are more comfortable with water and buckets than toilet paper. The sooner you accept the change, the better is for you.

  1. Make sure to set you clock on right time

We Indians have understanding that when someone says 5mins, we implicitly assume that it can take at least half an hour. This is not a scene in abroad. Punctuality has to be maintained. Always try to reach 10 min before the appointment. People in abroad take time too seriously.

  1. Calling professors and teachers by their name

Our culture teaches us to not call our elders with names. We tend to give respect to our teachers and professors by addressing them sir or madam. Professors in abroad prefer to be called by their name rather than sir or madam. To adjust with this can also take a little time.

  1. Homesick

With all these struggles you tend to miss your friends and family even more. You want to be there for them on all big days. This can be really tough. Your birthdays, Diwali or Holi cannot be the same as they were before.  Technology has solution for everything, with Skype, Facetime and internet; you can stay connected all the time.

  1. No piracy

In India you can get hundreds of sites which allow you free downloading of movies and songs. But you cannot get such facility in abroad. You are required to buy each and everything legally. Abroad countries have strict piracy rule so if you do not want to end up in jail then do not try free downloading in abroad.

  1. Beware when doing part time job

You are allowed to do part time for 20 hours during academic semesters and full time during vacations. These rules are very strict and if you fail to follow them, strict legal action will be taken against you.

  1. Rigorous Academic Activity

The education here and in abroad is completely different so dealing with the new education system and curriculum can be burdensome. Some tend to leave it in between while some struggle a lot. The best thing to overcome this is to be organized and planned for the work ahead.

  1. New place and new friends

Okay making friends cannot be that hard but choosing correct ones is tough. A good company can inspire while bad company can spoil the things. So choose them wisely.