10 Things to Keep in Mind while Renting an Apartment


You made through constant long search, you took a look to every high and low note and now well pat your back. You are here with what you wanted. We are talking about apartment search process you went through. The process can be tireless and can take long. Not every apartment appeals and the one which appeals is way out of our league. Finally you got one which appealed you as well as is in your league. You cannot wait to own it. The owner saw that desperate look in your eyes. He handed a large book of contract and you just want to sign it. Wait, don’t. Once they have your signature, you are bounded to a commitment. Why not double check before taking such sort of decision? After all, this is a place, where you are going to spend all your academic years.

So for now hang on for some time. Here are some things you must know beforehand.


 image source: theabroadguide.com

Search for Roomies

Roommates are the ones who are going to stay with you all the time. They are about to be your other family. You might have sat for 2 or 3 lectures together but that is hardly something needed to be your roommate. Before deciding, sit and have analysis of everything such as to what kind of people you gel out, do you prefer cleanliness or it is the last thing on your to do list, what roles and responsibility you can take and what you cannot take. All these things may not gain importance in your mind right now but can create chaos in future if not taken into consideration.

How to find a Roommate?

Do not panic if you are still not able to find out a roomie for you. You can take help of roommate-finding services. You are requested to give apartment details. Also do not make it too serious when you are asked to take interviews for roommates. Do not drill into them and scare everything out of them. Let it be a casual conversation and ease out. A roommate can be a good friend also. If you find that the person is a correct match then you can go on for further process.

Here are some questions you can ask in the interview. But remember keep it light.

  1. What are your interests? This question can help you know about the person. After such a long day at university you might not tolerate a person playing hard rock music in the apartment. You surely crave for some peace. So this question can give you an overview of the future scenario.
  2. On usual days how you manage household work?
  3. What time you go to bed?
  4. Do you smoke or drink?
  5. Would you be able to afford the apartment share?

They say mix and match combination always works. Try them, may be you can find best of friends for life.

Size of the apartment

Another important factor to consider is the size of living space. You surely do not want your friends and your roommate’s friends coming and creating hustle and bustle in the apartment. Moreover having a little more space is always a good thought. A place for four is a best is an idea and can also fit into your budget. Whereas more than 5 or something will let you cost more.

Money Game

The broker can charge you from 20$ to 100$ per student for apartment search. However if you want to save money you can go for online search. There are many sites which lets you know about apartments and rooms nearby to live. You can contact to owners directly and have your agreement signed.

Also know the time period of the contract and ensure about the fine on late payment of rent and everything else. Your deposit money should be safe with landlord.

Period of the Contract

Know the length of the period. Usually house renting period lasts for 12 months that is one year. In some cases you are able to insert some clauses where you can end the contract before 12 months.

Door and windows check

Most of the time landlord gives you rooms or apartments that are not properly maintained. The doors or windows may not properly work. Also other problems such as leakage, noise can also be troublesome. So it is advisable to stay for a night there before making any commitment.

Sign the Agreement

Now when you have examined every nook and corner of the apartment and satisfied with conditions, you can go on signing the agreement. Needless to mention keep one copy for you to avoid future problems.

Smart act!

Get an inventory done and ask for a copy from the landlord. If it is not possible then do it on your own. Take photographic evidences and secure it so that you do not have to pay anything from your pocket at the end of the contract period.


In abroad you are required to pay compulsory fee for receiving broadcasting of television channels. Even if it is shared you need to pay these fees per television set.

Are you safe?

Safety always marks the important element of any checklist. Be sure that the location is safe for you. Even the structure of the apartment sometimes can be lives threatening so make sure you are in a right place.

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