You are done with weeks and months of preparation, the fruit of GRE is finally on its horizon. The days are approaching. The thought of the day may create a little anxiety in you. Pre-exam jitters are obvious and almost everyone face it. For the exam like GRE, where you spend a lot of money just on registering for the exam and when your higher education depends on it, nervousness before exam is more than obvious. As the exam date comes near, people get even more confused about what actually should be done. Friends, calm down! It is important to think with a cool mind because believe or not most innovative ideas attract those with easy minds. Here are some tips you should try when the exam is around the corner.


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Before 10 days

10 days before of a week before do not lower down your intensity. Keep preparing as you were doing before. You should not spend these days relaxing. Though you should relax a little, but guys anything done in excess is poisonous.

To start with, before 10days start taking full length tests. 4-5 tests will be good enough. Attempt everything, also the analytical writing section. Do not skip any section. Take these test seriously and like real ones. These tests will help you to get idea where do you stand as well as make you known to the time constraint.

You can review those problems in which you struggled previously. It is very important to have all the things clear in mind on the test day. Revise everything once again; formulae, tricks, wordlist, etc. do not leave any stone unturned while reviewing the course.

One more important thing is you should time each and every practice test you do. Also you can spend this time working on your weaknesses. You are done with the entire syllabus and now you can do it spending entire time working out your weaknesses.


Only a Day Remaining

Frankly speaking guys do not do anything on this day. I am in my senses and still advising you all to do this. Relax and keep yourself calm. Do not get indulge in any activity that can harm you. Take care of yourself for one day. You are done with practice tests, you are done with reviewing the stuff, also have worked upon your weaknesses. What else is remaining now? Pat your back and relax for a while. Arrange all the things which will you need on the day, your passport, registration receipt, think about how you will make to the test centre. Book a cab or ask a friend to drop you there. Also have a good wholesome dinner at night, avoid alcohol guys. The hangover is surely not the thing you want on your test day. Take a good sleep; you can approach to the bed early. A good sleep is obviously you need the most. You do not want yourself craving for the sleep right during the exam.



The Day!

We would recommend absolutely no preparation before entering into the examination hall. There are people who suggest to revise short tricks and formula for quants during this time. But we would say try to keep calm buddies. You need that most to solve the whole 3 hours test. Have a nice protein enrich breakfast. Do not skip breakfast because of sheer anxiety. It is a long day and you need energy. You can try fun activities until the exam starts. Indulge yourself in some physical exercises; just make sure you do not hurt yourself.


Things to Accompany You

You should have an identity proof i.e. passport. You are not allowed to sit in the exam without passport. It is mandatory. Get a water bottle with and also some snacks. You get a break in between so utilize this break wisely. Many a time people skip this break as they say they were in flow and had to retain it. But we would strongly recommend not skipping it.


Positivity is the key to the success. We are free to decide to decide our attitude regardless of what is the current situation and what will be the next situation. You guys have to strive hard strong and move. This is what GRE is also about; never let the failure of previous question or section affect the next one. You need to overcome all the challenges and hurdles on your own and with a positive attitude. You have done a great work so far, and whatever is the result you have, you should be proud of it. It is the result of your sheer hard work. Do not criticize it or regret on it. Also do not compare your score with others. Everyone shines in some or the other exam, for them it was this one, for you it can be some other. We wish you all the best for the exam. Give your best!

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