After landing to abroad you are ready to start your new life; Life full of new experiences and many challenges. One of the challenges is also finding a den for you. A right accommodation to live is certainly very important for well going of student life. Your place can add good as well as bad experiences to your stay in abroad. So be a little surer while choosing an accommodation.

Some students prefer accommodation at university dorm while some rent a personal place sharing it with other roommates. Both have its pros and cons. But we would suggest as a fresher you should live in university dorm for at least first few months till you get known to the place and its culture. Being an outsider in the country, you may not know routes and travelling rates, and living away from your university can put you in hustle during the starting months. When you are in university you tend to be with more people like you and also seniors can guide you in all the look outs. Moreover living close to other students develops friendship among each other. You tend to know about activities and event in the university premises a bit earlier than others. The other expenses such as laundry, electricity are covered in the accommodation fees already, this leaves you more relaxed. You have university personnel to guide for anything you require. As this stay has benefits it also has it cons like when you are surrounded by so many student, you are also likely to be surrounded by noise. These places are undoubtedly noisy. You do not have privacy as you are accompanied by one or two students in the room. The tragic part is you do not get to choose your partners.

Your accommodation can be private. Many students share their space which costs them cheaper also. There are few things to consider while leaving in private accommodation.


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Choose your location wisely. If your accommodation is far from university, your most time and energy will be consumed in travelling and so does money. When you see something near your university also look into budget and plan accordingly. For the places far from your university check for travelling time, public transport, cost of transport and availability of transport. This will make you narrowing down your list of places to live and bag you a decent place.

Post it:

You must research about the place. Post it on Facebook and other social networking sites and you will get enough options to choose from. Your friends in the country and even outside country, NRIs etc having relevant information may reply to your post and give you requisite data.


Safety concerns:

The university accommodation will provide you 24hr medical plus other security services so it is advantageous for a student. When you search outside make sure you are not in a criminal area or any dangerous issue related to it. Ask about it to your local friends and take advice from them.

Adapting things:

Whether it is university dorm or a private accommodation the sooner you adapt to change, the better for your student life. You are living away from home so do not expect you will get everything same like you had with you in your home country. Change is constant and adaptation is the key to live with it. Try to blend into new culture and start respecting it. But this does not mean you should adjust beyond your limit. If you feel uncomfortable or restricted moving out is always an option.


It is hard to find a like minded person as you. You can never find a person who matches with your thoughts completely. But it is always a good thing to have a friend with you. You can tackle many things with him.  Sharing rent is always a good option; it puts lesser burden on you. Moreover you share everything and it also develops a strong bond.

Rules and regulation:

Before shifting in a new place, without fail make contract of the period you are going to stay there. It is advisable to rent a place which was previously rented to someone. Be aware of frauds, have a clear idea of rates in that area. Take a local citizen who can guide you with the housing norms.

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