The BBC News states that the USA Universities are the most searched universities all over the world on Google. This is majorly because of the top-ranking universities present in the country. The top 6 Institutions ranked by the Times Higher Education World University are a part of the US universities. If you plan to opt for education in the US, how to make sure you’ll be selected? What does it take to get admitted? Here’s a detailed information on the same.Choose your University

This is the first step to opting or choosing your subject you wish to study. Opt for a programme that you are keenly interested in. Some of the popular options are Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Media Management, Masters in Computer Science, Masters in Engineering, Masters in Psychology, etc. Then look out for the top US universities offering the course. Some of them to mention are Harvard Kennedy School, Columbia University, University at Buffalo, School of Engineering, California State University Northridge, Roger Williams University, Santa Clara University, etc.

Prepare to apply

Most of the US universities allow you to apply online through their website. Make sure you read the requirements carefully. Some may ask you to qualify standard tests such as MCAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT whereas some may also ask you for various other material like a list of patents, portfolio or a writing sample. Generally, students apply to 3 – 5 universities to improve the possibilities of their admissions. The application fee may vary around $75 to $100.

Passing the English skill test

Students from abroad need to pass their English language tests. This is to assure that they are skilled enough to attend their sessions and comply with the university standards. One can opt for TOEFL, IELTS or C1 advanced certifications.

In general, universities ask for one of the two tests; So make sure you have detailed training for IELTS and TOEFL, International English Language Testing Service or TOEFL, the Test of English as a Foreign Language.

Other requirements

Check all other requirements for admissions through the individual websites of each course in the university. They may ask you for different documents like your high school or graduation transcripts, resume, test scores, proof of the English skills, statement of purpose, application fee, passport size photograph, a writing sample, etc.

Check for the application deadlines

The application deadlines, especially when you are pursuing your graduation, are of two sorts. First, the early admission and the second as the regular admission. So, if you apply for admission in the fall of 2018, the early admission deadlines may be between October to November 2017. Similarly, the regular admission deadlines will fall between February to March, 2018. For post-graduation or PhD, it may be between February to March 2018. The deadlines however accurately depend on the university, and you can check on the website for the particular program.

Get your acceptance letter

This is the final step to follow. For international students, if you get your acceptance letter they can then apply for the F-1 student visa. Secure your funding and scholarships in the time between your admission letter and your enrolment. Also, check if the university expects you to pay an enrolment fee to book your spot there. And here you are ready to celebrate the path of victory to your dreams!

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