The visa process for Germany is quite simple. The chances of getting the rejection from German embassies are very rare. If you have correct documents then you will surely end up getting the visa in the first attempt. Unlike other countries the visa rules in Germany are not that stringent. Well, this works for our benefit then. We will try to simply the whole process for you and sure after this article, you will not find yourself in a limbo. You will be savvy of this thing.

To begin with, you must have your acceptance letter or confirmation letter from the university. If you have this thing, you can proceed to toward applying for German visa embassy or consulates. The German embassy is situated in Delhi while you can find Consulate General offices in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai.


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Blocked account

We have already given you a brief idea about Blocked accounts in our previous article As we have told you previously the blocked account plays a crucial part in your visa process. It is account with your name confirming VO that you have enough of funds required to study in Germany. Before applying for visa you must have this account so that you can state a proof of financial status in the visa interview. It takes up to 4-5 weeks. That is why it is advisable to open it much before. This thing should not delay your further process.


Documents checklist

Here is a compiled check list of the documents you will require during the visa process

  • Application form Completed by you
  • A valid Passport
  • 2 passport size photograph
  • Letter of Admission or Acceptance
  • Transcript record
  • Proof of sufficient funds or financial status
  • Declaration of authenticity of document submitted
  • Medical Insurance
  • Photo copies of all the above documents
  • Pay 60 Euros fees for the visa process and take the receipt with you


The specification required for the passport size photo is mentioned on the website . These are mandatory and you must follow the specification. Failing to this your application may get rejected.




Items prohibited in the Visa office

  • Any electronic devices such as camera, phone, CDs, cassettes, floppy, etc. are not allowed
  • Backpacks, travel bags, briefcases, any kind of bags are not allowed. Only a plastic bag containing your entire requisite documents is permitted
  • Sealed packages
  • Inflammables
  • Sharp objects
  • Weapons or Weapon like object
  • Explosive materials


The list is not finite. Anything which the security personnel will find suspicious will not allowed taking inside.

There is no storage place for keeping all these things in the offices so better leave them at home.


German Embassy and Consulates in India

The contact details of the embassy and consulates are given below

Delhi (Embassy Office): (0091-11) 44199 199

Mumbai (Consulate Office): 022-67866013

Chennai (Consulate Office): 91-44-2430 1600

Bangalore (Consulate Office): +91-80-45 300 100

Kolkata (Consulate Office): 91-(0)33-2479 1142/ 2439 8906


Tips for Visa Interview

We have written many articles on this topic. Still we would like to summarize all of them in few points. For detailed articles you can refer to other articles in the visa section of our website.

  • Be confident on the day. Be presentable. Wear formals, they always work.
  • Arrive 15 min before the allotted time
  • Carry documents and their photocopies
  • Identity card and receipts of the payments
  • Be patient and handle everything will calm
  • Your main motive is to return into your country. This is always a major point when it comes to decide the verdict.
  • Never forget to thank your Visa Officer.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I submit my application in Advance?

Yes, can submit the application in advance three months prior to your travel date.


  1. Can I extend my visa in Germany?

No, you are required to do the process of renewal back in your country


  1. Can I get the visa directly on the Indian airport?

No, you must get it before you leave India


  1. Can I get the visa on some German airport?

No, spot visas are not allowed


  1. Can I receive the passport via courier?

Yes, while submitting the form you mention the address where you want passport delivered. No third person should come in picture. If you fail to mention the address then the passport will be delivered to the address mentioned in the passport.


  1. Do I get to know the reason why my visa was rejected?

Yes, your passport is always accompanied by the refusal letter explaining the reason behind rejection.


  1. What if my sponsorship letter expires?

The expired sponsorship letters are not accepted. Even sponsorship letter older than 6 months are considered as invalid


  1. Can I send my application by post?

No, in certain cases when you cannot come in person then send it with some representative or travel agent. Representative can be your immediate relative such as spouse, children, or siblings.


  1. What is the visa application fee?

It’s 60 Euros.

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