Presidio Graduate school


Presidio graduate school is the one leading institute offering Masters in Sustainable Management. Presidio is the group of performers who believe in gaining knowledge and try to mould the world towards sustainability with the modern tools which helps in sustainable business systems. The view shared in New York Times goes like this “If you want to change the world, go to Presidio Graduate School”.

The Importance of sustainability issues in managing resources, planning for growth and other aspects in business makes it very essential and vital aspect for any profession because of which the degree in Sustainable Management becomes important.

The course comprises of 4 Semesters which gives an overall knowledge of the course.

Semester 1

Sustainability Principles

  • Principles in Sustainability
  • Systems Thinking
  • Economics and Society
  • Personal Leadership Development

Semester 2

Business Foundations

  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Financial Systems
  • Leadership for Teams

Semester 3

Concentration and Leadership

Choose a concentration in:-

  • Finance
  • Public Policy
  • Energy
  • Food Systems

Semester 4

Internship and 2nd Concentration Internship

Choose a concentration in:-

  • Finance
  • Public Policy
  • Energy
  • Food Systems

The most essential benefit of Presidio Graduate School is that the student gets an opportunity to attend a 4 day intensive training program at the Islandwood Centre on Brainbridge Island which is in the lush green environment surrounded by cedar trees native to the US Pacific Northwest. It is closed to Seattle but entirely different world. Along with the Islandwood the students gets to attend class which is 8 hours per week in downtown Seattle. This gives an immense practical knowledge and also allows them to learn and experience the exciting entrepreneurial culture of this dynamic and globally connected region.

Seattle is a place with immense beauty and best quality of living. The art and sports are one the major attractions. The region has a great culture in food which has the abundance of fisheries and farms in the Pacific region.

Seattle is the 15th largest metro with a great population and economically a great place and has the best economic output which makes is a most popular place in terms of business and understanding the sustainable management course and enhances the knowledge of the aspirant.


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