Best countries for Mechanical engineers


There are lot many opportunities waiting for mechanical all around the world. They say mechanicals built the world and are the best. Indeed so many countries are eager to hire them. Mechanical engineers can excel in all fields and this is the thing that attracts the recruiters to them. They are not only adaptable to change but they themselves make changes. So hope this article help you to make right choice about your host country

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Germany is home for so many motor companies. It ranks 1st among all the countries for mechanical engineers. It’s a high tech country about 65% of the population using broadband internet. Companies like BMW, Siemens, MTU, Aero engines waiting to hire qualified mechanical engineers. About 70,000 engineers will be required by this country with a average salary of 35,000euros. There are plenty of job in Germany for mechanical engineers not only in automobile but also in power generation, nanotechnology etc.


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After Germany , USA is the second country which is hiring most mechanical engineers. Because of its trend in nanotechnology they predict about 86,000 mechanical engineers will be required after few years. This creates flourishing opportunities for engineers. USA companies are known to pay handsome salary to their employees. A learning opportunity with luxury life, what else can be expected?

UAE and Middle East:

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UAE and Middle east are leading countries. These countries offer great opportunities to mechanical engineers. They make quality of life for people living in the country, they offer huge annual package and this make these two third among the top countries of world for mechanical engineers.


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Japan being the fourth country in the list provide scintillating career for mechanical engineer. Jobs where mechanical engineers can use their skills are abundant out there.


Italy and China:

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These two countries give opportunity to mechanical engineers to take challenges and rise successfully over it. They give you handsome salary, good quality of living and job satisfaction. These things are helpful for career growth.