While preparing for GRE I came across many books and materials. I found there was plenty of material and then again large numbers of books to read. But only few of these books turn out useful to you. There are rare books in the great ocean of books which fits correctly to mode and style of your preparation. We need such material which is helpful to us to achieve the dream score of GRE.

I have shortlisted some of the books that would surely help in carrying out the preparation in right direction.




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  1. Magoosh GRE Online Books

You will come across many Magoosh GRE test prep materials if you search online. There are e-books, apps, free test, and blog to guide you. Magoosh GRE books are good way to start for preparation. For beginners they tend to prove very helpful.

  1. Kaplan GRE Premier

This book contains six full length practice test and more than 1500 question. It covers entire basics as well as advanced topics from the GRE test. You will find variety of problems based on quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning and analytical writing. You get full package with Kaplan GRE premier.

  1. Official Guide to Revised General Test

This book has the topic plus the strategies to deal with the topic. It not only gives you variety of problem but also gives planned and strategic idea to solve a problem. If you have booked your date for GRE and it is around the corner then this is the most recommended book. It will help you to get idea of the question asked in the actual exam. The level of difficulty of the question in the book is equal to the level of the questions in the actual exam.

  1. Kaplan New GRE Vocabulary Flashcards

If considering GRE, strong vocabulary plays an important in the preparation. A strong vocabulary helps you to understand the verbal questions fast and easily. The question in sentence completion and sentence equivalence deals majorly with selecting the most suitable word. Kaplan New GRE vocabulary flashcards offers you most frequently word used in GRE. There are in all 500 toughest and most likely to come in exam words with synonyms and pronunciation of it.

  1. Barron’s GRE

This book gives you over view of the exam. Baron’s GRE will also give you hands on how to gain your dream score with persistent and variety of question compiled in it. Along with improving your skills, it also has thorough explanation of the solutions. This helps GRE aspirants to gain a firm understanding of the concept dealing with question. With this test you appear for the most effective and difficult test for GRE. The average score obtained in these tests are in the range of the score obtained in the actual GRE test.

  1. Princeton Review- 1,007 GRE Practice Questions

The book is designed keeping in mind the thought that practice makes man perfect. This book has everything which you will need while preparation. It makes you feel sure that you are ready for the exam. It even includes GRE vocabulary list to enrich you with high frequency words. The book teaches you to manage time efficiently in solving problem. The book comes with two full length tests, one online and the other one is given in the book.

  1. McGraw-Hill’s GRE with CD-ROM

For those who feel their basics are not strong then this is the correct book for you my friends. To start completely from the basic and then hop on to advanced question is pattern of this book. McGraw-Hill contains tests, numerous questions and complete GRE papers for your reference.

  1. Barron’s Essential Words for GRE

This material will guide you on learning toughest words that has highest probability of coming in the exams. It contains 800 words with definition, synonyms and sentence usage. A single word can be used in different context so getting the usage of the word is equally important as knowing the meaning of the word. You learn this skill with Barron’s Essential words for GRE.

As now you have list of books that can help efficiently in preparing for the-day, you can start as soon as you can. For question, queries, and suggestions you can comment in the comment box given below.

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