Blackmailer-Agent. Students Beware!


Few days ago our reader posted a very unusual experience with us and we came to know about this new scam prevailing among students who aspire to go to abroad for education. It was quite unusual as well as shocking to hear such news. So lets here it from our reader himself about his experience.

 Now will be a student, who is currently studying in the state of XYZ from United States, sharing thoughts with us. Due to some reason we prefer to keep the identity of our reader concealed.

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I am currently studying in XYZ. Many of you must not be knowing this name and so did I. I have never come across this state and university unless my counseling ‘Agent’ suggested me this.

I of course searched it on internet and the university profile looked and sounded good thus I agreed for the university. So I proceeded to hire the agent and he insisted on taking this specific university. He never told me the reason and with so much to manage even I forgot to ask the reason.

They even encouraged me to take IELTS coaching from them. I took them and they were good. They prepared me thoroughly for the exam. The main issue up surged during the admission process. The agent asked me money for applying to three universities. He said we would be applying to three universities on my behalf. I agreed and gave him the money. Later when I asked him for application confirmation and other related stuff, he gave application confirmation documents from only one university. I tried to ask for it again and again and the consultancy and agent gave silly reasons to ignore the matter. Mid way or something I was sure that they made my application to only one of the university and not all three. Even more frustrating for me was when I received I-20 from only one university, they said I needed to pay more to get my I -20. I was scared with the thought that I might get late to enroll in the university and with sheer jitters I gave them money and left the consultancy with bewilderment.

I had to do all my interview process and other documentation on my own. I never got any help from them. They were not in picture till this time. But these guys quickly jumped back when I got my acceptance letter from the university. They contacted me and asked me to hand over a huge amount of 4000$. They threatened me that if I fail to give this money they will make sure my admission gets cancelled. I was stubborn this time and was not going to break so I straight away denied to them.

Later, these people did something which I never expected. It was totally fraud too me. They mailed the university on my behalf that I am not accepting the admission in their university. Later the university when contacted me luckily, I came to know about this scam. I explained the university personnel the whole matter. They assured me that they are not going to cancel my admission. The university people were very helpful to me in this matter. The university was good and the state too. I like here but my experience before getting here was tough and a nightmare. I forgot it thinking that before something good, comes a bad weather. But I would like to warn my other friends about such scams and be aware of such fraud agents.

As you have read the incident you must be concerned about some of the things. The thought that how did they forge his identity and mailed across the university. We also tried to figure it out and after talking to university and our reader we came to know that the consultancy made a fake email id of the student which was too much similar to the email-id of the student. So with all the information in their hand it was not a tough job for them to create the id and misled the university.

We always recommend on our blog avoiding agents in all stuffs. They mostly make fools of us. When asked students that why they seek to so called ‘agents’, they answer of being confused about the universities to apply. For your kind information these guys are not confused but are indolent to take efforts for their university search process.  They want it as easy as possible. They expect to find their correct university with in a click. Well and this is the main reason students are exploited by the agents. They are often misled by consultancy and they arrive impromptu in an unknown place leaving their home land far behind. Students are fooled with many tricks for e.g. see the universities profile below

Let’s consider,

Dream universities are those which require GRE score more than 310: ALPHA, OMEGA

Target universities are those who prefer GRE score between 300 and 310: BETA, ORANGE

Safe universities are those who accepts score below 300: APPLE

The consultancies while giving university to the students often make changes to these such as

Dream Universities: APPLE

Target Universities: BETA, ORANGE

These way students get misguided and they blindly believe agents and follow them.

We would say to our readers that you are going to abroad to study, gain experience and learn new things and you must know that your learning process does not start when you reach there and start attending the college. It starts right from when you dream to study abroad.

So it is an advice to all of our reader to take responsibility, take it as your first step and we are always there to guide. There are many organizations which provide you with same services as any consultancy would provide you but free of cost. For more help and other queries you can write us in the comment box given below.


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