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5 Ways to Find Student Accommodations in the UK


Becoming a student is a stressful proposition, especially when moving to a new town or location. Adding to the list of worries, finding a flat or other form of accommodations can be quite challenging. Fortunately, all the new tools available can go a long way towards reducing the anxiety of finding a place to say. Here, I will look at five ways to find accommodations and things to consider when looking for a place to stay while off to university.

#1 Consider your Options

There is a large variety of types of accommodations available to students in the UK. Narrowing down which property type you prefer will go a long way toward zeroing in on the right place for you.

University Student Halls: University halls are often located on or quite near campus, affording minimal commutes to class and libraries. If you are considering a University hall, remember, space is quite limited.

Private Student Halls: While off campus and generally more expensive, these halls are still dedicated to those attending the nearby universities. The extra cost can lead to better amenities, and the opportunity to blend with students from other universities is a nice perk.

Student Houses: If you are destined to live off campus and prefer not to be in a student hall, the other reasonable accommodation is a rental flat. Often, with this type of accommodation there are many logistics to consider like roommates, utilities, and furnishings.

#2 Use Available Tools

If you decide a flat or sharing a flat is the best option for you, there are countless apps available to help you with your search. Gone are the days of searching newspapers and even scrolling through hundreds of options on basic websites.

Apps like The Urban Collective, Accommodation.co.uk and Movebubble make finding a flat far more efficient, with intuitive programming that caters to what you want in a flat. If you need a roommate or two, apps like IdealFlatmate aim to ensure your future flat is occupied with people that you enjoy living with. Tools like ZipVan allow you to arrange moving your items at cheaper rates than a standard moving service.

With all these advanced options, there is no reason finding a place should be so stressful.

#3 Check with your University

Traveling abroad for university has become an increasingly popular idea for students across the globe. Most universities in the UK have noticed this trend and increased their inventory of campus housing options. However, it has been impossible to keep up with the full demand.

To cope with this issue, many universities are offering assistance to incoming students to search for appropriate housing. Having someone local with a knowledge of the area can be invaluable to an incoming student. Check with your university to see if they offer this assistance to find appropriate accommodations in the UK.


#4 Plan Ahead

As mentioned earlier, ideal accommodations can be slim near many universities in the UK. Getting a jump on the competition can make the difference between your perfect place and being miserable. As soon as you have been notified of your acceptance, begin searching for accommodations immediately. Take the first steps of contacting your university for help and downloading any apps you think will be beneficial to your search as soon as possible.


#5 Know Your Budget

It is important to embrace the reality that accommodations in the UK, especially in cities like London, can be quite expensive. It is vital to ensure you know your budget and stick to it with resolve. Added financial stress can be quite detrimental to a student trying to focus on studies and all the other things that come along with being a student at university. Use apps like Ideal Flatmate or SpareRoom to find flatmates that can help cut down on the overall costs. The last thing you want is to have to unexpectedly get a job or a second job to pay your bills.



Moving away to university can be the single most exciting and anxiety causing moment in your young lifetime. Fortunately, there are many tools, apps, and steps you can take to ensure this moment is more exciting than it is scary. I hope this list of ideas and tools helps you make the most of your move to university. Please remember to comment with your ideas for fellow students and share with those who may be heading off to university soon!

Free Education or Getting Educated Freely


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When we think about studying abroad there are many things that starts fidgeting in our minds. Every student aspires for getting his education abroad and increase the number of open doors in the journey of being successful. After listening or reading about the options as well as the benefits of studying abroad the youth tries to work on the possibilities and affordability keeping everything in mind. Many questions arises in the minds of the aspirant but the force of attraction towards it is so high that the student want the mid way through these dilemma.

There are few obstacles that pull back the aspiring students to fulfill their dreams. Among these the cost of getting internationally graduated is the biggest hurdle. The aspirant doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned and tries all the permutations and combinations for the same to reach the destination.

There are various options that are available for making your education free in abroad countries. Students have part time working options available where in they can earn and learn both hand in hand. While studying if the student thinks about the part time work he will never come to a situation where he is running out of money or need to ask extra amount from the parents and even miss the fun day outs with friends.

The various opportunities for the students can be like:

  • The Data Entry Work
  • Translation works depending upon the knowledge of language
  • Supermarket Associates
  • In Restaurants
  • Part time Opportunity in the College also
  • Tutoring
  • Admin Jobs

Paid Internships are also a very good option that a student can think of. Internships give a wide exposure in terms of professional experience along with studies as well as financial exposure and support.

Working along with studies will compliment the student’s studies as well as other expenses and reduces the burden of the monthly expenses along with the fees.

Is MBA loosing its value as a Study Abroad Program


In the past decade it has been seen that the youth is getting inclined towards the post graduation programs in order to get better opportunities in the careers they want to pursue. One of the hot cake of that time is the Post Graduate program in Business Management which is rightly called as MBA  (Masters in Business Administration). The MBA aspirants are struggling hard and racing in the competition to get the best college or the best University for pursuing their career. There are various different colleges and universities which came up with the MBA program in order to give the exposure and best platform to the aspirants.

Almost all the countries have their own MBA programs with best faculties and best course module. People have starting looking forward for pursuing their MBA career from a foreign country for getting more exposure and better opportunities. There are various B- Schools in our own country but still the limelight or the sparkling effect of studying abroad has been a vision for the students.

The MBA programs offered by the B schools abroad definitely gives you the exposure and as you are surrounded by the people from different countries and culture the practical experience that is gained has no comparison.

One drawback that we can say is the Educational expense that occurs when a person thinks about studying abroad but there are different solutions that have come up for this problem as there are various students loans and scholarships available for the students which decreases the burden on the family.

So we can say that the charm of studying abroad is still there amongst students as it adds the value on the Resume when they actually enter the real corporate world where competition has grown a lot and the individual has to be in the competition in order to survive.

Masters Degree from abroad not only gives you the international experience but also opens up the networking opportunities with flourishing careers ahead. It is pretty clear that studying abroad is not losing its charm or its shine it’s just that the educational cost or the return on the investment has made people to think about changing destination and the courses that were initial popular amongst students.

Few experts have mentioned that there is not a lot of difference in the MBA program module from one B school to another. Moreover most of the B-Schools have similar selling quotient or we can say the USP that is Qualified Faculties, Internationally Groomed, Placements and definitely the globalised exposure.

Students are really looking forward for the Globalized exposure and definitely opting for the study abroad option as there are many funding options available for the students for pursuing their career abroad.

Ready for the New Journey


In today’s era every student aspires to Study abroad. But there are many challenges and fears that they encounter while thinking about abroad studies. How can we define these fears and challenges and make students comfortable and stress free while taking these decisions. These challenges should not hinder or become an obstacle in having a bright future ahead.

Few challenges that we can say are:-

  • Language Barrier
  • Culture difference
  • Financial Difficulties
  • Time zones annoyance

The biggest challenge that the students face is that we can say is about things that they require when they will actually land in the land of their dreams. The things that the students are worried about whether they will get the needful there. So here are some tips or the guide for the aspiring students to make their journey a bit relaxed and exciting.

The first and most important thing is the documents and the related papers for the future procedures.

For example:-

  • Passport
  • Educational Certificates
  • Identity Proofs
  • Flight Tickets

Next that can add to the list are:-

  • Doctor’s prescription and the related medicines to it as it will be difficult to find the medicines of the same brand in an abroad country. So at least a basic prescription by your doctor and the basic medicines should be carried along.
  • Vitamins: – Are important as they would be required anytime and would be difficult to find as there are few limitations.
  • Books: – As it is rightly said that Books are our Best Friends so few good books of your interest can be a very good choice. Dictionary is a must which every student should have the habit of carrying and referring.
  • Clothes: – When we come to clothes it’s your personal choice which all things you would like to carry along, provided, you have to take care that there is a limit defined for the luggage depending on the Airlines. Not more than 2 Suitcases has to be carried.
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Short sleeve shirts
  • Sweatshirt/ hoods (2-3)
  • Sweaters
  • Jeans/ Trousers /Shorts
  • A belt or two
  • Skirts (for the girls)
  • A set or two of workout clothes
  • Pyjamas
  • Coat/Jacket (Atleast 1 water resistant)
  • At least one nice outfit for formal occasions
  • Flip flops/ sandals
  • Sneakers/ dress shoes/ boots/ rain boots
  • Cold weather gear
  • Towels
  • Bed Linens

These are the few recommendations about the clothes rest it has to be as per the personal requirement.

After clothes the other useful things that we require are:-

  • Stationery as required (pens, pencils, markers, notebooks)
  • A Water Bottle and Lunch Box
  • A small back pack for daily usage
  • Sunglasses
  • Sleeping sack (sometimes it’s useful at the time of emergency)
  • Folding Umbrellas

Next comes the Toiletries that are very important because you cannot get stuck because of it as these are the basic requirements of every individual.

  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Brush/Comb
  • Razors / other shaving supplies
  • Contact lenses and solution
  • Makeup
  • Hand sanitizers

Some of the basic toiletries should be carried in the hand bag or bag pack that you are carrying while the journey as you may require them at any point of time.

The next things would be the valuables that you are carrying along for your use.

  • Cash
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • Atleast 500 of the destination currency notes so that you don’t get stuck up anywhere because of the money.
  • Travelers cards for making the travelling convenient.
  • Cell phones
  • Laptops
  • Chargers (Cell phone as well as laptops)
  • I pads
  • Headphones

Practice specific writing skills

  1. Practice each mini-skill one by one
  2. Learn how to write good sentences— a sparkling sentence is the basic ingredient of good writing.
  3. Become more conversational by including questions in your writing.
  4. Study how to choose flavored words; and learn how to avoid bland phrases that make your writing tasteless and yuck.
  5. Compose smooth transitions so readers glide from sentence to sentence, and from paragraph to paragraph.
  6. Experiment with your voice by changing punctuation and adding a dynamic rhythm.
  7. Create a mesmerizing flow by outlining or reverse-outlining your content.
  8. Practice writing sound bites that linger in your reader’s minds.
  9. Cook up fresh metaphors to make abstract concepts concrete and entertaining.
  10. Play with mini-stories to engage your readers.
  11. Practice empathy—understanding how you can help your reader is the basic ingredient of nourishing content.
  12. Apply the principles of persuasion, so you can inspire your reader to implement your tips and nudge him to buy from you.
  13. Make your advice more practical by demonstrating your tips with lively examples.
  14. Make your content memorable by including rich details that breathe life into your arguments.
  15. Borrow authority by including expert quotes and stats.
  16. Share tasty nuggets of information by digging deeper into your topic to reveal more specific tips.
  17. Your readers are hungry for ideas, advice, comfort, and inspiration. Serve them the right mix of nourishing content, and make them crave more.
  18. Study Cosmopolitan covers and learn how to write attention-grabbing headlines.
  19. Pay attention to words in movie reviews, sports reports, and novels—which words grab you?
  20. Read children’s books to learn how to discuss big topics in simple words.
  21. Enjoy the sensory experience of poetry.
  22. Polish your persuasive writing techniques by studying direct mail and sales copy.
  23. Embrace serendipity—you can find inspiration anywhere.



Why Choose Amity Singapore For Your Higher Studies?


The name Amity is popular throughout the world for being a part of the Amity Education Group. Students throughout the globe are no strangers to Amity as it has been the reason for the success and career progression of countless students across the globe. Amity Singapore is an educational institution that focuses on long-term learning and fosters individual talent and excellence of students. It offers management programs that are industry-oriented to ensure that all students get firsthand knowledge of not just the theoretical approaches but also the practical methodology of their subjects. These programs and courses are designed by expert academicians as well as global corporate members with the latest teaching methodologies and content.

Popular Courses In The Management Department For Students

  1. Doctor of Business Administration

This course from the University of Northampton is a 4-year program that can add a lot of valuable stars to your educational qualifications. The eligibility criteria consist of holding a masters degree in a business subject, having work experience of at least five years and being employed in a management role. This course offers a lot of career opportunities for the degree holders and enhances your level of preparation for consultancy and higher level management roles.

  1. Master of Business Administration

This is yet another lauded course from the University of Northampton, UK. This one year course requires you to have an honors degree from a British University or its equivalent. However, you do not require any management experience to pursue this program. Students can stand a lot to gain from this MBA program as it is designed to assist them in resolving complex case studies and business scenarios. 

  1. Master of Laws in International Commercial Laws (LLM)

LLM from the London campus from Amity Singapore is another one year course that requires the applicants to have a solid single honors degree. You are encouraged to apply if you meet the entry requirements in addition to possessing relevant personal and professional experience, although that is not a prerequisite. This is a prestigious degree course that can provide wings to your career in law. 

  1. Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Business Studies

If you are looking to pursue a 3-year bachelors (honors) degree program in business studies, this program from the University of Northampton, UK is your best bet. The eligibility requirements are fairly easy to meet although it does require you to have a good score in your IELTS, SAT or TOEFL tests. 

  1. Bachelor of Laws (Honors)

This is another 3-year course from the University of Northampton, UK. You must be 18 years of age and should meet the relevant eligibility criteria and the academic requirement to be considered for this program. You might also be required to sit for an interview if you are one of the shortlisted applicants.

Amity Singapore and its collaboration with the University of Northampton, UK is not just a prestigious way to advance your career trajectory but also ideal for you to get the appropriate experience in top-notch programs that is second to none. So, why not become a part of this incredible journey into excellence?


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