Buy a Calling Card Studying Abroad


So landed to a whole new place and you are wondering how to keep contact with your family and friends back in your home country. This is the situation for almost every international student. Well spending whole lot money on calling from a home calling card can become way expensive for you, isn’t it? So the best option is to buy a calling card abroad. It might be bothering you why we are devoting an entire article for such a simple thing. Buying a calling card may sound little easy like refilling your gaming card or renewing a library card but dear friends this may require you to put some effort to get the best deal out there. Also you need to be careful of the deceptive practices and all the alleged fraud related to calling cards. There many cases where students got cheated. Now you might be clear about the purpose of this article. There are lot many things you need to worry about than a calling card. So leave the job for us, we can simplify the calling card procedure for you so that you can make a quick call to your home.



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Search Around!

We keep on stressing this in every article and so does this will have the same point. Research before you make any decision. How can you just hop up on one thing without knowing its pros and cons? Pay a little time on gathering information. And what can be a better place other than internet? Internet is your best pal which lets you to access to any information around the globe. Get reviews of all the available calling cards in your hands over internet. You can find these reviews on retail sites, students group and also you can ask those who are currently using those calling cards.  You can compare these reviews. You can call it as a quality check.

If you are struggling with making a decision upon a particular card then a quick internet research will gather you enough information to make a decision. Probably while searching, you can even get some better options.


Terms and Conditions

Once you have made up your mind over one card, do not forget to read the fine print or they most commonly call it as terms and conditions. Verify the rates, especially international rates. You will be required to call at home more often now. So a reasonable international calling rate can help you a bit. Other than calling rates, other things such as internet plans over phone, local calling rates also need to be considered. Of course you are not buying a calling card just to a make a call home and a cell phone without internet for a student will surely not work these days.

Carefully reading terms and conditions may also reveal you hidden cost if any. Before buying a card and after doing research reading the fine print is completely necessary. You may find it difficult sometimes to track terms and conditions for a not so popular brand. But difficult does not mean impossible.


Fees and Additional Charges

Okay, this thing you even face in India. Many companies hide many charges and the moment you decide to buy a product they come with a lot of extra charges such as registration charges, installation charger, and all alpha and omega. Do not go with a calling card that has many additional charges. Be sure all the charges they make necessary are constant and do not vary with time. The company should not hide any charges because this lets the customer as well as the company to limit the bill.  So, next thing on the list will be checking about hidden charges.


Expiry Date or Valid till

The other thing associated with calling card is expiry date. You should buy a calling card which gives you enough time to use. Many of the card now a day’s provide you automatic free extension of the expiry date. You can definitely seek to these cards. The reason we are stressing upon expiry date is some card company charge you for the extension period. You do not want to spend extra money on extension for several times.


Online Purchase

When you have made up your mind on a particular card then it is the time to revert back to internet. We would strongly recommend buying online. Many retailer online give this customer oriented service where if the customer is not satisfied with service given or feels that the services promised are not fulfilled then the customer can return the card and claim for refund. If you were using internet banking, debit or credit card during the transaction then reverting the transaction will become more easy and fast.


Buy Smaller Denomination

If you are not sure about how long your calls can be then buying multiple cards with smaller denomination will be the best idea. This helps you to manage costs more efficiently. It is better to use cards with less denomination in the early stage so that you can get used to the services as well as the costing of the card.