You would wonder what this country which offered MBA first in Europe has there to offer you. We might get engaged with the thought after spending a lot time and a great amount of money what career opportunity we would have? As you can expect from this vibrant land, high employment with value assured reside in heart of France. Many universities in France, in fact most of them have a career councilor appointed for student so that students whether be international or domestic receives proper career guidance for them.

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Universities have individual program for students guiding them to use their skills, knowledge and research in wide approach. These programs encourages student to take training, internships and other vocational course in their duration of vacation. This gains them opportunity to stand out from other students. The collaboration between universities, research departments and industries help students to show case their new and recent idea, making them more efficient in using their knowledge. Thus if you are doing masters program from France not only you have a degree but also  something more with it which make you CV weigh more than others.

Work permit after MS:

As a European citizen you will not require any work permit after master’s degree. European students are allowed to work in France without a work permit. International students from other countries will though require it. There are certain rules and regulation you need to follow if you are not European citizen.

You are given 1 year after your degree program has been completed. You can search for jobs in this one year. You can work for a temporary job which equivalent to 60% of the normal full time income and simultaneously look for job in your field. If you get job of 1.5times the average salary wage of France i.e. 1,475 Euros per month, the permission to sty can be extended.

After MS, PhD program:

Universities in France encourage you to study further in France. You build a network with professor and tutors who will help you find PhD program related to your degree program. Being registered as a PhD student has their certain benefits.

Part time jobs:

If you are planning to study and work simultaneously there are plenty of jobs available for you in universities as well as outside universities. Information about them is also placed on notice boards of universities. These require you to work 964hrs per years, earning you a minimum of 7euros per hours. You can work if you have a valid residency permit and if your university does not have objection on it.

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