Cost of studying in Sweden


Sweden offers all degree in bachelors, masters and PhD. The Sweden education system follows European Credit Transfer Accumulation System which includes full one year period of 60 ECTAS CREDITS.

The masters program in Sweden is a two yearly program allowing you to take both compulsory subjects as well as elective subjects. This kind of system gives you theoretical as well as practical approach on the subject. You need to have a bachelors or equivalent degree to apply for masters.



The cost of studying in Sweden is not as high as in other countries but still not also very low. It is lower as compared to other country’s education.

Application fees:

This cost you SEK900 for applying to different universities.

Tuition fees:

You will be required to spend up to SEK80,000 to SEK1,40,000 per year in Sweden. Some course in Sweden even commands higher fees than this and some course lesser. You can a look on it at

Living Expenses:

Living expenses in Sweden is quite high. It costs up to SEK8000 per month.


If you are living in Sweden for more than 1 year or up to one year than you are eligible to the same health care and facilities as Swedes after registering to tax agency. The card provided by them will give you appointments with medical experts in government health care center. If you do not have the card then you may struggle for getting an appointment. A doctor in Sweden typically charges SEK150-SEK200 per consultant.

Union fees:

The union fee differs from university to university depending upon the unions. It charges up to SEK50- SEK350.

Textbooks and stationery:

The typical cost for student’s material and textbooks for their curriculum may charge up to SEK750. Some students borrow books, while some purchase it from sale of used books at a cheaper cost. This cut down their textbook cost to an extent.


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