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Blocked Account in Germany

What it is? Blocked account is bank account that you open in any German bank before going to the country. If you feel you can...

Revolving thoughts about Germany

They call Germany as a land of quality education and immense opportunities. There must be questions racing in a student’s mind about student life,...

PhD in Germany

The land of Germany is being attracting PhD aspirants from decades because of the high reputation it carries in the world and quality of...

Job opportunities in Germany

image source: allmedialink.com We see every coin has two sides; one which is positive at a glance and other which is not turning to be...

German food and culture

Food of Germany evolved through stages. It is inspired from regions nearby and have many things common. Places like Swabia, Bavaria  has their cuisine...

Why study in Germany?

Germany is the country known for its quality education. Each year near about 28,000 foreign students land in this educational hub and German government...


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