Study in Singapore

Scope of MBA in Singapore

B schools in Singapore offer not only the quality education, but they open doors to a global arena of opportunities. Singapore as a destination for Management Studies gives in-depth insight of the Asian economy as well as the western market and tradition. It has been mainly pushed by its hyper connectivity and by the fact that it is a well- known…

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MS in Singapore

Singapore is a nation pulsing with vigorous activity in it. It is vivacious and scintillating in terms of education. This is the reason it is termed as ‘global schoolhouse’. It puts education in its first priority and hence education in Singapore is leading not only in Asia as well as worldwide. The ‘USP’ of  education in Singapore is their nexus…

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cost of living in singapore

Cost of Living in Singapore

Cost of living in Singapore include Many factors Like  Accommodation, Food, Transportation, Telecommunications and other things like Medicine etc. This blog will tell you the totat budget of living in Singapore. Cost of Living in Singapore for one person for one month. Expenses In Rs In $   Accommodation ~20,000Rs S$200 – S$500 Price varies on type of accommodation, facilities provided…

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Why study in Singapore ?

Singapore is a highly reputed country that is enriched with powerful resources related to each and everything. It is excellent in terms of everything whether it is nature or cuisines. Various scenes provide a picture perfect background. It is rich in resources, where you will find a perfect blend of culture, diversities  and architecture. When it comes to education, it…

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