Course for GRE quants.


There is a separate section for quantitative reasoning in GRE. You are given 35min to solve 20 questions, each carrying one mark. The question types are Quantitative comparison, multiple choice (select one), multiple choice (select one or more) and numeric entry. The quantitative section checks your problem solving ability, time management and quantitative reasoning.

In GRE the quantitative section evaluate your basic mathematical skills, understanding of basic mathematical concepts.


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The course includes Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Data Analysis.

  1. Arithmetic topics:
• Numbers, decimal representation
• Divisibility
• Factorization
• Odd and even integers
• Arithmetic operation
• Exponents and roots
• Estimation, percent, ratio
• Absolute value
• Number line
• Sequence of number

2. Algebra topics:
• Factoring and simplifying
• Algebraic expression
• Relation and functions
• Equalities and inequalities
• Linear and quadratic equation and inequalities
• Simultaneous equation
• Co-ordinate geometry; graphs, slope, intercept, graph function

3. Geometry topics:
• Triangle
• Quadrilaterals
• Area and volume
• 3dimensional figures

4. Data analysis:
• Mean, mode, median
• Standard deviation
• Quartile, percentile.
• Probability
• Combination and permutation
• Graphs, pie charts , box plots etc
• Normal distribution
• Sets, Venn diagram.

The course includes Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Data Analysis.


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