Deportation of Indian Students


Be it because of pre-election rhetoric, Paris attack or increasing terror in international space, there has been a boom of sending Indian students back to India. There is lot of controversies flying around about US universities and their status. To find out the real happening behind the scenes we thought of doing some research over this matter.

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For explanation of the matter the authority cited, the students (who were deported) were the students of a blacklisted university. It’s a matter of concern, because though known roughly but still it is allegedly said that more than 70 students are sent back from United States. This figure will of course put anyone in anxiety. Students and their parents are unaware of their fault as for what reason they are sent back to India. Even though the students are having valid F1 visa and requisite I-20 document, as asked by the university, are reported to be treated as criminals in the process of deportation. Let’s try to analyze this situation.

 When asked universities about this deportation, the universities were not able to answer much of things. They were hiding and came less in front of media. The ‘blacklisted’ universities soon became a nightmare of every US aspirant student. So what exactly is this blacklisted university?

A university is said to be blacklisted when it is doing illegal things. The university which is not accredited and do not have permission to give admission to foreign students and still carrying out the process falls under the name ‘Blacklisted’. These kinds of universities are seen to admit students even with below average academic score and a low score in all qualifying exam.  The US consulates say even just by looking to the universities, the student is applying; we can guess whether the student is above average or below average. In the first case, the consulates say, an above average student will never apply to the university as such. Many a time wrongly chosen universities coupled with few answers to certain question results in rejection of visa. These blacklisted universities are merely interested in getting high tuition fees from the students and offering them degree courses. Providing education has become a money business and its side effects can be seen now. The students with low score might get admission in any such US university but the cost of tuition fees will be much higher than normally expected.

Recently, Air India has stopped 14 students to board because they claimed that those students were deported. The universities which became ‘famous’ all these days were Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU) and Silicon Valley University (SVU). Air India claimed that these students were enrolled into these universities and they said these universities were blacklisted. We are not yet sure about these universities being really blacklisted or not but in recent time there have been many controversies related to them. There was a case before in United States when university was shut down and the director of the university was sent to jail. We can just hope that this kind of case does not happen to NPU and SVU. After all there are so many futures tied to them, the students will be the only ones to suffer hardship after such an incident.

There was recently a statement from NPU director that their team and he is constantly trying to improve conditions and are equally concerned about the recent happenings. He said that he himself and his team would strive hard and fight for their rights. As currently there was no evidence of the university being blacklisted, the university tried to make its side heavier by showing applications which shows students still were applying for courses in the university.

So as far as now it is better to know how to identify a blacklisted university.

Here are some points to consider while checking for a University

  1. The blacklisted university will accept any kind of lowest score. They are not at all concerned about your score. Higher tuition fee for their institution is the only thing that matters.
  2. The institution is not accredited to give admission to foreign students.
  3. The university has been caught into illegal activities.

 So it’s an advice from us to make a thorough research on the universities before you apply. Be sure from all sides before investing this great amount of money and precious time.


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