The fake bank statements can often put you in a fix. They seem a quite easy way and shortcut for the visa process but mind you these steps are risky and cause you serious harm. The cost of faking a bank statement is huge. This may result into rejection of your visa as well as your admission process.

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Now-a-days there are many ‘easy’ ways to get a bank statements and most popular is getting help from so called agents. They are supposed to deposit a certain amount in your bank till you get the bank statement. After your work is done they withdraw their money. These agents charge fees for this act.

Firstly you cannot fool the VO. They have their resources and all form of methods to detect the authenticity of your documents. You cannot imagine how far these people can go to check your background. If they find any kind of forging in the documents, your visa is directly rejected. The rejection in this process can also delay all your further steps for going abroad.

Secondly we do not recommend anyone of you to take any kind of shortcuts because even if you somehow manage to clear your visa process, any insufficiency in your bank account which occurs further when you will be studying abroad can cause your deportation to your home country. We hope, you really do not want to face this situation. Nobody wants to daunt their education experience with such conditions.

The purpose of the bank statement is, the officials and the personnel of other countries want to be sure that you do not face any hardship relating to financial support in their country. The cost of education is high as compared to our countries sometime because of the currency difference and decreasing value of Indian INR rupee.

You can take bank loan. But bank loans are only looked up as expenses which you will be bearing in the second year of the stay. The deposit you need to show serves the purpose that you will be able to spend one year completely without bank loan and on your own. Even if you are there to stay more than 0ne two year, you are required to show expenditure of only one year in your bank savings. The number of course years does not matter.

The statement is asked for a specific purpose. So if you forge this kind of document, they are surely going to hamper your admission and visa process. Do not go for any shortcut or so called ‘easy ways’. They are alluring and deceptive. They can cause you a great deal of cost.

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