Gmat Exam Nagpur

Four Tips to Ace GMAT Quant

  Often, GMAT quant section makes the blood run cold for several MBA aspirants. Indeed, after acquiring the prestigious degree of MBA, the graduates will not be calculating the area of a room, hall or any place. However, they will be estimating the future profit or loss percentage, extracting information from pie chart, bar graphs, etc. Hence, quantitative aptitude is…

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Tips for GMAT quantitative section.

Quantitative section was a tough task for me. The main problem for me was getting the correct answer in just a span of 2min. So to deal with this, I thought of it in another way. The test makers are not there to test how efficient I am with mathematics, but to check how I manage to recollect data I…

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Graduate Management Admissions Test

GMAT: Graduate Management Admissions Test

Analytical Writing Section includes one writing task – Analyze an Argument Verbal Section comprises Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction and Reading Comprehension. Quantitative Section comprises questions from Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving Integrated Reasoning consists of four question types Graphics Interpretation, Part Analysis, Table Analysis, Multi Source Reasoning. Conducted by ‐‐‐ GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) Validity of scores ‐‐‐ 5…

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GMAT: Analysis of Issue

“Analysis of Issue” Introduction: Guidelines and It’s Purpose AWA or “The essays” are the first section of the exam. Total allotted time for this section is 30 minutes each for two essay typing. Scoring of AWA The essays are scored separately on a scale of 6 points. Though they are scored separately it still has to be taken verrry seriously!!!…

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