Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE) essentials

PTE is Pearson Test of English Academic (English language readiness test) and basically gives you the opportunity to apply for pursuing in your studies in many overseas countries. These tests are taken at secure test centers with highly secured procedure. On the day of your test you have to show your ID card to the test administrator and get seated in a…

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Preparation Coursebooks

The Best PTE Books Collection to Buy Online

Wide range of PTE Books avaialble in the market. We can buy any Books from the online stores like Amazon for discount from 10% to 30%. Here are few SAL recommended books for pte exam to buy. Official PTE is one of the Best book to buy provided by PTE Academy Itself. Pearson Language Tests is a unit of the…

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When a non-native student is placed in new environment they face many challenges. The main challenge is the language. Matching the accents, tone, slangs and phrases of a non-native educational environment has to be quickly adapted to ensure better adjustment, communication and understanding for a student. For this the grounding given by international standardized test of English language like IELTS,…

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