Tips for F1 Visa Interviews


There is lot of cases when visa application of many students gets rejected. More to this VO does not give justification why the visa application has been rejected. We keep on guessing the reason and the reason can be anything. So we need to remember few points while going for visa interview. These tips might help you to make through the visa process.


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First thing first, you should be presentable. We all know and believe in the saying, ‘First impression is the last impression’. Make your first impression count. Go well dressed, wear formals, proper body language and be confident. Jitters before the interview are common but do not fidget around the desk.

The Visa Officer will ask you question in many tricky ways and you should answer them precisely. The VO has to go through a huge number of applications and what he needs is an efficient interview. Do not unnecessarily prolong your conversation and roam around the bush.

Be fluent and clear about the institution and course you are applying to. Statements like, my consultancy suggested me or the fees structure is reasonable, can give impression to the VO that you just want to enter the country.

Make the personnel believe that you are not there to stay. You have career and opportunities with the degree you are applying in your home country. Any projection like you want to work there and settle down may cause rejection of your visa.

You should be prepared for the interview in English language. The VO officer will check whether you are ready to survive in whole English language environment and will surely check your language proficiency. You should talk for yourself. Do not take relative, friend or other contacts with you in the interview. It leaves a negative image of you on them.

Be clear about you main purpose. Your main purpose is solely education and not employment.

If you have dependent on you, like children spouse in home country, ensure to address how they will support them. If you are primary source of income then this can be tricky. They will assume that family will require money from you while you are in abroad and you student visa might get rejected.

There is one more thing to keep in mind. If there are many immigrants from your country who are likely to get settle there then getting a visa can be difficult for you.

Do not forge any document. VO there have resources and intelligence to spot out the fake ones quickly and this may get you into trouble. Always be true and honest about your documents. Forging may cause much harm then just rejection of Visa application

Lastly, do not engage in unnecessary arguments. You should be positive and polite toward the VO. You should be ready with the documents asked to bring with you. It is a good practice to arrive before time; it prevents you from superfluous chaos.


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