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Now-a-days there are various online courses are available to make you prepared for the exam. The advantages of these websites are they are readily available anytime so that you can access it whenever you need to and they cover each and every type of question in the syllabus. Some websites have their mentors, they are in your hand on the go. These websites have no limit as they call it a ‘trial’ period so you can take your own sweet time to prepare on it. Some of the popular websites available online are

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Magoosh helps you to prepare not only for GRE but also other exams like GMAT, SAT, LSAT. Magoosh also has its blog where it discusses current topic relating to exams. Wide range of  verbal question covering all level of difficulties and vast problem set for quants is available on the site. Magoosh also has its free android mobile apps makes you capable of a having wide range of vocabulary with you, major tips for solving mathematics problem on your go.


Quizlet has a huge variety of questions, literally huge variety of questions for you. This vast question set makes you more clear about the exam and gives you a general view about it.

Manhattan GRE test prep:

This site provides you with full length test. It includes the analytical writing, two verbal sections and two quantitative sections in one test. The difficulty level of these tests meet the difficulty level of actual GRE exam. It provides you with solutions after each full length test.

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy does not have separate sections but makes your bag full with all kind of difficult questions, especially in quantitative section. You can expect numerous levels and variation in problems on this site. Your doubts are also being solved according to your convenience.

GRE Edge:

This is also very well known site now-a-days. In addition to vast question sets it also organizes different online seminars for students on different topics. They are surely helpful as they are from the one who made through the exam with flying colors.

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