German food and culture


Food of Germany evolved through stages. It is inspired from regions nearby and have many things common. Places like Swabia, Bavaria  has their cuisine similar with that of southern Germany. Germany’s cuisine shows remarkable similarity  with Austria’s cuisine. Their catholic culture is seen dominant in their cuisine also. Whereas ice cream and pizza are the influence of immigrants in Germany.

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Meat is highly consumed in Germany. Pork and poultry makes the most of meat. In poultry chicken, duck goose and turkey is often seen common. Moreover game meat is also one of the popular things; game meat like boar, rabbit is relished by people in Germany. Goat and lamb meat are seen to be less popular among the people. With the land of flourishing river comes love for sea food. Sea food like trout, arp European perch makes people’s first choice. Salmon fishes were also common before industrial revolution.


Vegetables such as all kind of ‘blattgemuse’ that is leafy vegetables are often served as salad, in soups or as a side dish. Fried onion with any meat makes a good combination for German people. Asparagus is widely used in all kind of dishes making it most popular vegetable.


People in Germany take a very heavy breakfast which includes bread and bread rolls, which is used in hot dogs, sandwiches and burgers; jam, cookies, pan cakes, juices, mixture of grains etc. Breakfast in most houses start with ‘kaffee and kucken’ that is coffee and cookies. Various type of jams are also very popular among Germans. About 15000 bakeries and 10,000 bakery shop in Germany shows the love for bakery products.

Side dishes:

Side dishes such a noodles which is more thicker than Italian past and French fries are consumed with great delight. Pizza is also very famous among Germans as influence from immigrants from france.


Cakes and tarts are the two most served desserts in Germany.

Beverages :

Beer and wine are common throughout the country. Even immigrants tends to fall in love with beer and wine while living here. Korn, that is spirit from wheat, rye and barley; coffee, schorle, juice or wine with soda water is also a common taste bud of Germany.

Regional cuisine:

Apart from all these thing regional cuisine such as Bavaria frarconian swabian cuisine marks a place in countries cuisine. Other regional cuisine are Hesse, northern and southern Germany cuisine; lower Saxony cuisine,northern Germany corresponding to lower Saxony region; Meckeenberg Vorpomnorn; Palatinate/ Pflaz; Thuringia, has agricultural related food in diet.


Germany is seen to speak only one language throughout the country that is German. It is among three most popular languages in the country. Other two are English and French. Germany has its national day on 3rd October ever since from 1990. Its carnival culture  and Christmas celebration weinhnachten is most awaited. For the love of beer, Oktoberfest is the traditional fest in Germany.

Literature of Germany is driven by intellect and scholars of Germany. Theologian Luther translated bible into German for better understanding of the people .  Walther von der Vogelweide and Wolfram von Eschenbach are the authors who marked their position in middle ages of German literature. Nibelungenlied and Thidrekssaga are famous author of Germany. Country wide famous collection of fairy tales by  Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm is also considered as epoch literature.

Music has been the part of Germany’s culture since long and it still prevails. Classical composer Bach Beethoven being the famous of all. Todays choice of  music has evolved from classical. Music like techno, rock music, trans magic are trending in Germany. Germany is also being the home for various musical fest such as rock am ring, wacken open air etc.

Sports is said to be intergral part of Germany about 27million people being associated with sports club. Football is the most popular sport of Germany , bagging FIFA worldcup of 1954, 1971,1990,2014. It’s a place for motorsport, you getting best racing motors, drivers and teams in this country. To add to this Germany has also bagged applaud and reward in Olympic games.

German society is very scholar and intellectual. Living life beyond any discrimination of gender caste and other trivial things. Women equality is highly noticed in the country. People of Germany completely agreeable with homosexual law makes them ready to adapt changes. Homosexual is act is into action since 2001. Albert einstien, Max Plank are the one who contributed to physics a great deal and they come from this land. This country is famous for inventers and engineers.