From last few decades not only PhD aspirants but also Masters as well as Engineering aspirants are being attracted to the land of quality of education, Germany. The last some years have been marked great in terms of number of international students in Germany. There are many factors that led to this up surging numbers. Germany is one of the top desired study destinations among international students. This may be due to low cost, excellent research facilities or high quality level of education. Every international student seems to be impressed by dazzling feature of German education system and so Indian students are not any exception.


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German engineering is counted in class. German engineering is a definitive example of smart and sturdy work. German companies work for excellence and strive to give best to the people. We cannot compare German technology with those to Chinese and Japanese which assert firmly of providing cost effective technology. Many German companies have established trust worldwide through their quality services and excellent engineering. Germany has set an exemplar all over world to look forward.

Germany is blessed with some of the oldest university of the world. Some of them have its origin right from 11th and 12th century. The country witnessed two World Wars. The time was tough for teacher, professors, scholars and public. The outburst of Nazism made the country vulnerable. The following years after World War 2 changed the whole picture of country.

The fact that after so many calamities and devastating events the Germans were able to re-build their country and appeared strong in front of the world is commendable. The unification of two parts of Germany marked a great event in the world history. Today, the country stands among the bests and makes its presence count in the whole world. Germany has grown strong and equipped in the race of time. It has best universities, renowned alumina, and not only education but it has excelled in every field. Art, literature, and sports seem to have found a huge place in heart of Germany. Best athlete and sports person are believed to come from Germany. They say if you have a degree from a German university then you are supposed to have the best in the world. Germany is a land for so many worlds ranking universities.

List of top university where Indian students aspire to pursue engineering

  1. Dresden University of Technology
  2. Technical University of Munich- TUM
  3. Heidelberg University
  4. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  5. Freie University of Berlin

 Reason to choose Germany as a study destination

  1. Minimal or Zero tuition fees
  2. Courses available in English
  3. Preparatory German language classes are provided by university
  4. Globally accepted degree
  5. Excellent research facilities are available
  6. Can start doing research in leading companies of world
  7. Research grants and fellow ship on demand available
  8. Post graduate scholarships
  9. Internship opportunities in leading company ranging from automobile to telecom industry
  10. Large network of Indian student in some universities
  11. Expert professors to teach

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