Securing a job as soon as you complete your MS program turns out to be the crucial part if you want to settle down out there. Well even if you do not want to settle even then you need a job to pay your education loan. A job in India can earn you rupees while in foreign countries can earn you dollars and Euros. The fact is simple to state, if you are spending in dollars and Euros on your studies then why earn in rupees. Job in abroad will help you to pay the loan early and fast. All countries give you extension at least up to 1 year after MS program to search jobs. Once you get employment, it opens door for work visa sponsors. The employer sponsors work visa which allows your further stay in the country.

But before all and first of all you need to find and employment! So our article will focus on the tips that can bag you employment of your dreams. So let’s start!



1.      Do the Paper Work First

The first things you will be checked through whether your papers are authentic and genuine. Keep your visa information ready and also you should know your options. An F-1 visa will grant you permission to seek job after the 1st academic year while M-1 visa needs completion of your course. The employment must be related to student’s area of study. It also needs approval from the school or university of the student. All this and some other at the time requires much paper work to be done. Thus, it is very important to keep all your documents readily available and organized.

2.      Prepare a impressive resume and cover letter

The cover letter and resume both are key points of your documents. The first thing the employer comes across about you is set of these two documents. So instead of paying for the assistance in building resume and cover letter, you can use university workshop. All universities provide you workshops consultants and many other ways to make a best possible resume. So hop on to take advantage of the opportunity. Resume and cover letter helps you to gather immediate attention of the employer toward you. Take this thing seriously.

3.      Benefits of Internships

Almost every university offers students enrolled an internship program. It even adds to the credit of the course. Also many companies, whether small or big, have vacancies for interns. Internships can be termed as important opportunities during your study course. They allow you to gain a practical approach of the theoretical knowledge you have gained and opens doors for permanent jobs in the journey.

Search for internships in your field because an internship done in an irrelevant field hardly creates any difference. You must apply for internship as soon as possible. The more you have experience the better are your chances. The competition is obviously going to be fierce when it comes to apply for internship. So be prepared to give your best. We would recommend going for university internship, they are easy and suitable for an international student.

4.      Access the Internet

Internet is that magical box where you can find answer to every question. There are plenty of job portal, resume builders, blog that provides tip on how to get a job. All the answers are just a click away from you. Many Indians and NRI manage sites and social networking pages to help Indians to get a job. All you need to do is register with them and they are readily available to you help. Hunt the internet and you will find number of websites entirely dedicated to international students.

5.      Right Skills is the key

Focusing on right skills will make your job easy. If you are searching for long term work visa then you must focus on advanced skills in architecture, mathematics, engineering etc. whereas for short term visa a basic knowledge of subjects like previous projects, computers programs combined with some essential things can improve your chance.

6.      Improve Communication Skills

The employer while recruiting will surely look for this quality in every international student. Improve you communication skills constantly. The employer will look for a candidate who is able to survive in English environment. You are requisite to show best command over English language verbally as well as in writing.

The best way to improve your communication skills is to practice it. Speak in English with everyone. You can do practice of the interviews with your friends, attend seminar on writing skills, and get advice from the professional on how to communicate in English effectively.

Internet is the key, as we have already mentioned. Watch as many as video possible and read article, they are available in large number over internet.

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