We always see people around taking either of the two tests. So you might be wondering the difference between the two tests. Graduate Record Exam that is we most commonly call as GRE is a test for the people who are hoping to apply to any graduate or post graduate program in foreign universities whereas Graduate Management Admission Test aka GMAT is for students who want to apply for business school.

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There is now number of growing universities which offer management course accepts GRE score also. There are also some universities which accept both GRE and GMAT score. Before taking the test be sure that you know the criteria of university where you want apply and whether it accepts the test you are taking.

There are similarities as well as difference in both exams. They are different in exam structure and evaluation. So comparing which is a more significant exam will be like comparing two different fruits. Each fruit has its own value.

Test structure:

The GRE exam consists of three sections; they are analytical writing of 1hour, It gives you two topics to write on; verbal section has two parts each of 30mins, quantitative section has two parts each of 30mins and there is more set which can be either quantitative or verbal.

The GMAT exam has analytical writing of 30min, integral reasoning section of 30min, quantitative reasoning of 75min and verbal section of 75min.

Test time and test validity:

Both test timing are 3.5 hour and are valid for 5years.

Test evaluation system:

GRE scores varies from 260-340. In GRE analytical section is evaluated on the scale of 0 to 6, quantitative section is evaluated from 130 to 170 and same as verbal section from 130 to 170.

In GMAT analytical score varies from 1-6, integral reasoning from 0-6, verbal and quantitative section both varies from 0-60. The overall GMAT score is from 200 to 800 with 10 in increment each.


Cost of GRE is 195$ whereas GMAT is 250$.

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