Guide to LSAT!


LSAT is Law School Admission Test. It is used as an integral part of admission into law courses in USA, Canada, Australia and some other countries. This test facilitates a level of quality measurement required in reading as well as analytical and logical reasoning, helping universities to process admission applications from the students.


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Test pattern

The test givers are required to solve 4-5 sections in 35 min in the whole test. Out of which 4 sections will make your test score while the 5th section is typically used to test changes they can make in the upcoming test, the new question they want to test for their upcoming exams. The dummy section can be placed anywhere between the four tests. You are not aware of it until the test result.

A separate writing section which is taken in the end is not scored. This essay is sent to the universities you have applied. This section is of 35min.

LSAT question type

The questions in LSAT are designed to check critical and logical thinking of the candidate. The organization of information, accessing it for correct answer, the quality to draw inference and to seek to conclusion accurately and efficiently is checked while designing the exam.

Reading comprehension: This type checks your understanding while reading, ability to look for relevant information and insight while performing task. These qualities are indeed required in Law studies.

Analytical reasoning: The analytical reasoning section is also called as ‘logic games’. Each section of it contains 22-24 questions and has four games. The question starts with the outline of the problem, a condition and then the test giver is asked to draw conclusion according to his understanding. This pattern tests your understanding of the structure.

Logical reasoning:  This section contains 24-26 questions and often called as arguments. They present information in front of test giver and asked to find out loopholes, alternative conclusion, logical errors,  parallel argument on same conclusion, logical error omission etc. This type tests your critical thinking, again an essential aspect in Law Studies.

You can score in this test from 120 marks to 180 marks with the increment of 1 mark for each correct answer. The test is in English so it is needless to say you should have good command over the language. There are no prerequisite criteria for the test. It is for those who aspire to study in Law Schools abroad. Graduates, undergraduates, people with bachelors can give the test.

For the fall session you can take test up to December every year. It is still advisable to take test in November or October to be in safer side. In case you want to have an opportunity to repeat the test if you are not satisfied with the score you must take the test in early July or August.

You can take the test 3 times in a period of 2years. More than that legally not allowed even if you cancel one of your scores. The scores of tests are averaged and listed separately in your file. So taking the test seriously at the first ever time will benefit you more.

If you feel your scores are not enough to reflect your ability and you can do better in your next attempt then you should take another attempt. The cost of LSAT is $175 US dollars. You can book the test date online from list of test centers presented on the website.