Studying in a foreign university and getting a foreign degree is one the achievement for every individual who is actually looking forward for better opportunities in life. Once you enter the land of opportunities you will always want to head further and achieve as much as you can. You always wish to explore more of the place and opportunities. After completion of the higher degree we start thinking about the various options that we have for extending the stay on the foreign land and explore more of it along with maintaining the finances as well.

As we know USA has been proved a magnet for attracting the young talent from all over the world to pursue the higher studies and contribute their skills and talents to the American corporate world. Every student pursuing his studies from there looks forward for getting the job there and become the citizen because of the benefits that the US government provides.

The probable ways for extending the stay there after completing the studies can be:-

  1. OPT (Optional Practical Training)

Optional Practical Training is a program for undergraduate and graduates for the F1 visas. This Visa helps the students to stay after completion of the course and work in USA for 12 months. For OPT its mandatory that your employment should be related to your field of study.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) aspirants or graduates may receive a little more benefit by getting the permission of extended stay for 24 months provided there should be availability of the spots.

  1. H-1B Visa (Non Immigrant)

An international student can transferred from F1 student’s visa to H1B status with the help of the US sponsoring employer. The H1B Visa helps the graduates to live and work in US for 6 years. You have to prove that you are well qualified for the job position in that particular company. If you are employed with the same company for 5 consecutive years your employer can request for the employment based permanent residency.

  1. Green Card

Being a Green Card holder in the non native country is the ultimate goal of every individual considering the benefits and exposure in the abroad country. Few students have an added advantage in obtaining the Green card as they are living there from a certain amount of period which gives them an upper edge. But the H1B visa holders can only stay there for the limited number of years so Green Card is the ticket for permanent residency in the country as well as the benefits that the citizen gets. But it takes a lot of time to get the Green card but nothing is impossible. Green Card sponsorship is one the path in which you prove your employer your loyalty towards the company and he agrees for the sponsorship.

  1. Immediate Family Sponsorship

If you are not an employee or a working individual in the abroad country then immediate family sponsorship is one way of obtaining the Green card. If you have an immediate family member who is the permanent resident of USA they are the ones who can sponsor your Green Card status. The immediate family member must be a spouse, child over 21 years of age, parent, and sibling. Strong proof for these relationships should be presented.

  1. Military Service.

Being an international student if you are attached with the US universities for more than 2 years is eligible to serve the US military in different positions of medical etc without a green card but can be an accelerated way to obtain the green card. It’s not that it is assured to get the green card because of the military service but can prove to be an added advantage in the process of obtaining the green card.

So we can say these are few ways to get your stay extended in the foreign country after finishing your degree.

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