How Long Can a Student Stay After His Education in USA?


study in usaEveryone wants to stay in USA after completion of there education in USA, here this article will tell you how long you can stay in USA,  in which way you can stay there. Your stay in the USA is coming to an end and you want to extend your stay to explore career options in the US – so what are the options available?

Generally student visas are for the duration of their study. For example if a student is doing a two year degree programme then he/she gets a visa for two years. But if the student intends to work in the US then they should look for jobs much before they graduate from the university. By doing this they can convert their student visa to a work visa. Practical training visa covers the interim period between university study and the actual full-time job. This visa is valid for twenty nine months. Students can work full-time during this period and with the help of their employer apply and acquire a full-time work visa

Of course, the university will help students with all the paper work which is necessary for this process.