It is obviously a matter of concern to save money when you are living in abroad. The huge difference between currencies makes you feel that every single thing is far way expensive. You put yourself in restrictions. You tend to cut down cost of those things which you should not. So here is an article for our reader to help them planning the budget smartly without making any big compromises. This article will surely prove helpful to you.

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  • Utilize the campus
    The campus is your world. You can get everything here. The complete infrastructure of college is waiting just for you. The universities take special interest in giving best possible things to their students. The government funding help universities to maintain the infrastructure in the college.
    You get warm and good quality of food in the university cafeteria at a very reasonable price. They tend to serve whole three course meal at just mere cost of 2 dollars. So indeed eating food at university cafeteria will save you a huge money. Other than this university provides you variety of services in less cost like photocopying, printing, internet, etc. So utilize them and save your money.


  • You can save your money on EXTRAS!
    So your gym costs you 50 dollars per month? You can call it off, because there are activities such as martial arts, yoga, sports club and many more provided by the university at a more affordable cost. You can learn to have fit and energetic life with all these facilities in the university. Moreover when the lights go off in university it does not mean you are ready to sleep. There are enough activities and festivities going on in the campus. They promise parties with loud music and cheap drinks as well as you get the chance to meet with other young students in the campus. This can be a great deal for you in a lesser budget.


  • Living in the campus
    Living in university dorm can cost you a little of 130 dollars and can grant you a fully furnished rooms. Of course sharing rooms with so many people can be a challenge to you but there is also a brighter side. You get the high speed internet to download your heart catching stuff (we mean to say relating to your studies ) There are problems such as improper kitchen and continuous noise but you get new family of your roomies when you stay at college campus.


  • Roommates
    The other option is renting a shared apartment. You can share an apartment with other students. In this way you can share all the costs such as food, laundry, internet. Sometime you find a pizza in the fridge and you can have it. Well sometimes when your last slice of pizza gets stolen from the fridge then just recall your yoga lesson, breathe in and breathe out!


  • Money on your Luxury items.
    The 4 dollars coffee from the famous cafe chain or your 3 dollars sandwich will not sound too much expensive immediately but when you take a look at it as the expenditure of the whole month then it is surely going to make a huge difference. The better option is you can carry a thermos with you so that you can sip of your favorite coffee anytime and anywhere. You can even make your own sandwich. Making your own sandwich can also help you to maintain the amount of calories intake. So it definitely has its plus point.


  • Try cooking
  • Almost everyone can make a sandwich for themselves and this can be a start for your cooking skills. With this, a fried rice is something you can try variations with and come up with a new recipe. The next day you can try to make your own salad. The advantage is, it even increases your relationship value. We mean, everyone want a companion who can serve you a meal at least one or two times in a month. So start with your cooking classes right now friends. Moreover in today’s world to learn cooking you do not need to practically head towards cooking classes. There are many online websites which has recipes for beginners and students.


  • Bicycle
  • During your abroad stay you cannot always depend on public transport and metros to commute near by places. So it is definitely a best option to get a bicycle and enjoy your ride to university and favorite spots. Many universities has a separate department where they rent or resale second hand bicycle for students. We would really recommend to go for a second hand bicycle rather than a new one. The new one may cost a little extra while a bicycle purchased from resale market will save more money. Moreover exploring places on bicycle is much more fun plus it is a beneficial exercise for the fitness lovers.


  • Magazine and newspaper
  • The monthly subscription of your favorite magazines and newspaper can cost you up to 50 dollars. You can cut it down by reading daily updates and news online. Well if you are not the person who sticks in front of the computer for reading newspaper and magazines then we would suggest you to head straight towards your university library. They can provide you with free newspaper and all kind of magazines over there. great deal, isn’t it?


  • Phone bills
    Remaining in contact with your family and friends back in your country can sometime increase your cost. You can use long distance service number (e.g. 010 for Europe) before any number, this will get you cheaper caller rates. Also call cafe offers you affordable call rates. and with growing technology if you have a laptop or computer than using applications like Skype and Facetime is always a good option. You can do a video chat with your loved ones with these application. It is always more beneficial to listen to your family and friends while watching them.


  • Student’s discount
    You will get this kind of discount in every country you travel for education. You get discount in restaurant, cafe, movie tickets, shopping and everywhere on student’s ID. You definitely will want to avail it. You can always save some money with your student’s ID card. This is the perk of being a student in abroad.

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