The land of Germany is being attracting PhD aspirants from decades because of the high reputation it carries in the world and quality of education. The doctorate degree in Germany is quite famous from its inception. Their collaboration with industries and other research centers gives PhD students a wide spectrum in their field to deal with. They are encouraged to try new and experience new. Recent and pristine technology is welcomed and accepted with warmness. Their degree is designed in the way to give it an international focus. They offer degree in German as well as English language. Germany provides you high standard of living and worldwide acclaimed research centers. You even get easy funding while opting for Phd course in Germany.

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The Phd course in Germany is of two types that are individual and structures. The individual type mostly requires you to work under the supervision of a single professor or guide and submit a thesis or work of dissertation at the end of the degree course. The PhD student is guided and consulted by the professor for his work time to time. The course is highly flexible but commands a great of personal initiatives and major responsibilities. The student can choose to work in university or outside university in a research organization. The student even can choose to work in any German company. The student taking 3-5 years   to complete in this type of Phd is common.

The other type that is structured Phd requires a number of guides or professors guiding and consulting a group of students. This is more a classroom program and required to be done in university. This program can be structured according to research of the students and so do I guess is the name structured PhD. This program is quite similar to programs in other English countries. The duration of this course is fixed and engages you up to 3years.

The assessment in the PhD course requires you to submit your thesis or work of dissertation. It is a rule that a PhD candidate will be accolade with the degree only if he submits in his research work in the hardcopies or in any equivalent work. With the submission of the thesis the person is also made to go through oral examination. Questions relating to his thesis are asked to students. The students are checked for their knowledge depth of their research work. The exam is conducted by the expertise in that field and students are evaluated on the basis of their knowledge. The other option is cumulative thesis. This requires compilation of your numerous publications in different journals in one rather monotonous single thesis. This is also a very unique way to assess students.

For getting registered for Phd you need to choose you course whether Individual type or Structured type. For Individual type you need to choose you position like in university, outside university or in any German organization. The next step will be finding your correct guide. This type is quite common in Germany. The structured type requires you to select course. The central database is not available but DAAD can prove useful for selection of international PhD courses for you.

Funding and paid PhD program are quite popular in the country. Only last year the country’s government provided funding to over more than 4000 International PhD students. There are organizations, universities themselves and other firms which provide you funds to pursue this course. You are just required to take care of the requisite criteria. Make sure you fit in the criteria before applying. Have all the data base organizations which provides fund and check their criteria. Paid PhD in university or non-university organization can help you while pursuing the course with the financial tasks. Even industries and part-time jobs play an important role in this purpose.

If the course is in English, having German proficiency is not compulsory. But it is always recommended to have basic German knowledge. This will help you to have smooth stay during the course. You need to find you PhD position. The later part is having a recognized post graduate degree. This is very important and crucial part. When you are done with short listing the universities you can now apply to them. After you acceptance, your admission and enrollment processes will be done. The visa process for Germany is quite simple and so does residence permit. Apply as soon as possible for the visa process as it can take time for this. Plan your residence and keep your safety your first priority while hunting for accommodation.

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