How to find part-time job while study abroad?


You might have heard from your friends or cousins about part-time jobs you can find while studying in abroad. You may know from where and when to start hunting for it. Or some may be completely unaware of the things and might still in bewilderment. Here is an article from us trying to answer racing questions and relevant thoughts about part-time jobs in abroad.



Part time job can be advantageous to you. A part time job gives you an extra financial source to pay your extra bills and other activities that go beyond your budget. This even helps you to interact with the native people and make you compatible to blend in their culture. You get an experience, helpful to update your resume. A part-time job gives you money so that you can finish your loan early and have less pressure after the degree program. You develop a great command on language, useful everywhere. You even take up leisure activities such as traveling with the money you have earned from the job.
While hunting for the job, you must be clear about rules and regulations in the country for international students. They are different in different country, so to know exactly you must read the norms before you apply. Some countries allow you to work for different hours depending upon vacation or semester time. You are also required to take permission from your university. If the university does not object then you may continue to apply. The best one can guide you is an international student himself. Ask your seniors or a local student about these norms.
The next thing is, you should be aware of your rights. While joining any part-time job, you must know what rights are endowed on you. Get clear idea about your basic salary, wages per hour, working hours and breaks or holidays. You should know everything that your visa imposes on you as an international student.
The best place to find your job is in your university. The university offers many on-campus part time jobs for internationals students. You can work on computers, cafeteria, help your professor etc. You will find it difficult to get these jobs because there will always be a tough competition for you. There are also other jobs outside such as bars, restaurants, and library. The advantage of these jobs is you get know more people and make a larger network in foreign country. You can apply for internship or fellowship in your field. You will be watching experts working with you; this will indeed gain you much experience. They may also offer you a permanent job, depending upon your work performance, after your degree program. A job at a call center is preferred by every student, it requires less physical effort. They earn you a decent amount but you must have good communication skills.
You can find these jobs directly asking to your career counselor in your university, you can also keep a regular check on newspaper for advertisements. You can try posting your profile on social media sites; this will surely bag you many jobs. You can search on website and even register in a job portal.
The idea of doing a job may bring a lot of excitement in you but you must not forget your main purpose. Your main motive is not earning money but to study and complete your degree program. Balance both your job and study efficiently.