How to get scholarship living studying abroad?


For living and studying outside your country you  always need a financial security. The cost required for education in your home country and the cost required to study in other countries vary. The difference between currencies makes it more expensive to study abroad. But to the rescue of this many countries offer scholarships to their foreign students. These scholarships cover your semester contribution, your tuition fees, living expenses and other allowances such as insurance.

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Know your time to apply:

Make sure you apply for the scholarship in stipulated time. Many a time it happens the date to apply runs out and we remain empty handed. Always keep a watch on university website or other organization’s website which are supposed to provide you scholarship. Mostly in all universities you can apply for scholarship before end of first semester. But you always have exceptions so better be sure about the deadline.

Know your scholarship criteria:

There are variety of scholarships available for students each prescribe a different criteria. So while applying for scholarship you need to look whether you fit in the criteria or not. And if not make yourself eligible. For example some universities in Germany want you to pass A1 certification of German language, so make sure you have it before applying for it.

Academics and curriculum:

You should maintain your academic and curriculum well because this helps a lot when authorized person looking at your application. Your research work, patents, good score in exams like GRE, TOEFL/IELTS, and as well as academic score matter a lot in this case.


Prepare your statement of purpose well. Give it your most time to make presentable. You should write why you need this scholarship and with scholarship what advantages will it make to you. Letter of recommendations also need your time. You should be clear and expressive in your SOP.

Count in good books:

Well mannered behavior in eyes of professors and your teacher make your job easy. Be polite to teachers and stay focused to your studies these two qualities will surely help you. Try not to look irresponsible in front of your authority. Make them realize that you are worthy of this scholarship and you will make most of it.