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Parents and student themselves, who are worried for the wholesome investment on their education, need not to be stressed out. The education you have gained will surely benefit you from all side. Opportunities from various fields not only focusing on your area of specialization but from other end are also open. After you have completed your abroad education you are more qualified and more confident about your degree so this makes your side heavy in your subject of specialization in the host country as well as in your home country. The stats shows nearly more than 80% percent of students get hired by the recruiters from the campus only and 78% averaging about 30,000euros salary per annum.

More to add to it when you are living abroad you get into contact with other country people. Their contact makes your way to employment in many cases. A keen spectator of their culture makes you more eligible for jobs that require understanding of their nation and people. Foreign student starting a joint venture in support with their native friends is commonly seen.  Able to know your home country language plus your host country language, can make you a great language teacher for your home country people and thus creating one more startup for your career. Knowing more than one culture and art form is always a unique thing.

Many people think of returning to their home country and seek to teaching. This indeed is a great idea. The recent technology you have studied in abroad combined with the experience you have gained will definitely inspire more students in your country and of course not to forget you will be even contributing to the future of your country. The innovation you witnessed there, new business ideas which you came across in abroad can be implemented as your own venture in your home country making your business unique in your country.

Moreover you have now profusely mastered English language. Having a firm command on English language makes you communicate with international delegates confidently and makes you look more presentable. Teaching English to people is again a great career.


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  • Kishor Namdeo
    Posted July 27, 2016 2:28 pm

    Please guide me for how to start study abroad business after education.

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