Job Environment In Sweden



Swedish businesses are looking for skilled and well qualified experts for recruitments. Swedish government has modified its norms for employment to attract more and more employees for their businesses. With these modified norms employees are granted Swedish work permit when still outside Sweden.

Jobs in Sweden are known to people through advertisement in various employment portals. These portals might be run by government and also by private agencies. Advertisements are posted by the employers on these portals.



People who are not EU/EEA citizens can apply only to the job posted in EURES. They need to send application, their resume, CV, relevant experience and their qualification to the employer. You must describe your purpose and motive. On the basis of your citizenship you will require visa for interview. Go to nearest Swedish embassies for the visa process.

The job environment in Sweden is quite informal. And this applies to every sense; clothes and behavior. Employees and their bosses are often seen calling each other’s name while working.

The working hours are also flexible, unless to manage to do all your work in Meer deadline. Lunches and tea breaks are common in Swedish employment culture. They tend to create bond between employees and their bosses.

Swedish government has passed a discrimination act, which facilitates no discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, creed, country or color. It supports equality of all and maintains it. Because of this job environments are more comfortable and fair. No discrimination in wages, work hour, or position.

Health care available for people and do not cost above SEK1000 in a 12month period. Employees also receive sick leave salary for 14 days up to 80% of their salary.

On the top of this you get 5week paid leave in one year. And you can spend 480 days per child for your young children.

If your are unemployed and registered for unemployment fund they you enjoy various benefits of the fund. The benefits are decided according to your previous job and salary.