Job opportunities in Germany



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We see every coin has two sides; one which is positive at a glance and other which is not turning to be in our favor but may in time it seems to be best for us. Same is the case when we talk about job opportunities in Germany.

Positive side is due to scarcity in population and growing demand for employees, it creates flourishing job opportunities. Even German government made it restriction free for foreign students to apply in job market. Government provides unrestrained grants for work and residence visa to the foreign students. After completion of master’s degree you will have 18months to search jobs and will be allowed to stay in the country for that period of time. Germany is highest employer for engineers in the world. The trends now show that there soon will be much requirement of engineers. And there is blue card of Germany now-a-days, readily given to eligible foreign students, a card which allows foreign students to get visa related to work and residence. The only for this card requirement is a good master’s degree and a certain level of proficiency of their native language.  They offer you up to 30,000euros per year as a fresher.

But just having a master’s degree does not make you qualified enough. Without skills and required knowledge getting jobs even in other countries is also a hardship. Germany is a country where you can expect a tough academic competition and thus making hunting for job also a compete task. So get ready for initial disappointments if you are not the best as they expect. There can be early disparaging moments when hunting for jobs, even native Germans face it. But having a degree from such universities surely stand eminent among different education system of world .  There have been cases when people do not get jobs in their first 6months after the master’s degree even in the first year. So this is nothing to be afraid of something because there are enough opportunities, you just need to make yourself eligible for those. Previously getting visa for work was also a tiresome job but following the trend now the work visa is granted looking at the normative procedure such as foreign student must be well efficient in proving himself as an asset to Germany and other employment rules. So the trends are changing and more and more opportunities are waiting for you in here. Avail it!!!


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