Job opportunities in Japan


Due to increasing median age of the population from last many years, experts predict that there will be shortage of labors in the country of Japan. The population of the country till now is about 12.5 crores and expected to decrease in coming years. These stats are enough proof that there will be upsurge demand for labors in the country.

The Japanese are very skilled in technologies and to overcome this population problem they are giving more stress to robotics. They are introducing robotics in every field heavily to boost their labor work. They are also investing in off shore manufacturing and what they called ‘White collar jobs’.

In spite of this fact, there are various professions in Japan which requires human and this article will focus on telling our readers the fields where foreigner can work for their living.

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  1. Jobs for Engineers

There are companies of various domains such as automotive; electronics; analytic etc. which are readily available to hire foreigners for the engineering work.  Though off shore manufacturing is an option for Japanese companies, many companies in Japan are not open to this option.

  1. IT Sector

The Japanese IT companies have not made it to off shore to a much extent till now so the requirement for skilled and outstanding IT professionals are expected in upcoming days in Japan.

  1. Investment bankers

The professionals in Invest banking are required highly in Japan’s Tokyo Market. But there is one controversy being attached to it. They say they hire a large number of investment banker a year and then lay-off even more than that the next year. The IT professional are also welcomed in this field as they have their own software to manage. The IT professional tends to get higher pay in this field than in IT sector. One more benefit of working in this field is the knowledge of Japanese language is not requisite.

  1. English tutor

Teaching English is said to be the best profession in Japan. It was very common in olden days. The English teacher used to get enough salaries and return to homeland with lot of savings. But now-a-days the scenario is completely different. Their schools and other firms are now giving tutors’ salaries on the basis of the number of lecture they deliver and not on monthly basis. Sometime the criteria are how the student performs and their fluency in the subject. But in spite of low salary any English tutor hardly regrets working in Japan. They say it is a great experience. It is also possible for English tutor to live anywhere and teach in any part of Japan virtually. This adds to the advantages of being an English tutor.

  1. General work

If you have fluency in Japanese language, you can work in any general office work as an associate or clerk. This is the reason many English teacher made a shift from classroom teaching to the office based work in Japan.

  1. Service sector

If you have a valid visa and fluency in Japanese language then there are many openings for foreigners to work. The only things is required that you must have work permit. The field like hotel business, snowboarding classes are readily open for foreigners.

  1. Japanese expanding their horizon globally

Many companies are expanding globally. They have taken support from foreign IT professional. More over many companies made ‘Only English’ policy in their company.

  1. Small scale industries

There are some people who are successful in launching their small scale business and they are indeed need of foreign professionals.

  1. Actors and Models

The entertainment industry always needs fresh face and so does entertainment industry in Japan. If you can act and have fluency in Japanese, it will not be hard for you to get roles in Television or films. Models are well paid in Japan and they tend to work with reputed agencies in the country.

  1. Sales person

This is occasional post which pops up when Japanese companies want to sell or buy foreign shares. They tend to hire mostly a foreigner for this purpose.

  1. Research work

Japan ranks the 3rd in research field among all the countries in the world. They always encourage researchers and welcome those who will prove asset to their research work. They mostly prefer researchers in robotics. The researchers also end up opting professorship in the country.