Letter of recommendation and statement of purpose are both important part of your application. Some might not take it seriously but it is observed very keenly by your university personnel. Each year number of Asian competes for one seat in a university. The number can be sometime 10-15 competing just for one seat. At a certain time when your academic qualification and your score clash with other applicants, university personnel give a keen notice to your LOR and SOP and here is where your application can stand out

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Many a time student fails to get a desired acceptable score in exams like GRE, GMAT, IELTS or TOEFL and even in academic. This time your SOP can come to your rescue. You need to convince your university about your purpose and how this can bring a change to you. You need to convince them you can make most of this opportunity. Your research paper, your other achievements can make your application to stand out. Your recommendation letter from your professor or the one under you have worked can make a great deal. They describe your efforts, your intellectual level and most importantly how you will avail the chance making a bench mark in your life if you’re admitted in their university.

Few points to see when writing SOP and LOR:

  • Write your own SOP, DO NOT COPY from somewhere. They know the difference between your own and a copied one.
  • Do not start with a phrase or idiom; try not to be too lyrical. Be more assertive and clear.
  • Make your SOP and LOR not too long; maximum two pages are okay.
  • Give your SOP more time. Try to make it more attractive and presentable.
  • List down your academics achievements, your research paper if any.
  • Choose your recommendations properly, those who have worked closely to you, those who are willing to write for you.
  • Your LOR should be depicting your distinctiveness.
  • LOR should give a hint of your creative and persistent attitude.
  • Have enough copies of your LORs AND SOP.
  • Make one scanned copy of your LORs and SOP.
  • Print your LOR and SOP on letter heads.
  • Make sure the envelope in which you put your LOR and SOP should be signed and signed across.
  • Inform your recommenders some university might contact them via mail and they need to send LOR via email


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