Not always you score the best. Sometimes conditions do not align to the efforts you make. It can be really depressing if you get a less score in GRE, TOEFL, IELTS or any other exam especially when you are always among the top scorer. You may have scored a little less this time, but do not let this hamper your dream to study abroad. Do not lose heart. They say for every closed opportunity, there are several better opportunities waiting. It may appear all doom and gloom.  You want just one more chance to make all things correct.

We are here to guide you on what to do if you are struggling with getting admissions in top university. We know it can be stressful and right at this moment if we ask you to calm down, it would surely seem impossible.  But friends take few calm minutes out to read the article. We are sure this can prove effective to deal with low scores. Take a deep breath and if you want take two. Rest yourself and imagine life after study abroad. Keep that thought with you and read ahead. Let’s find the silver lining in it.images

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  1. Explain the Reason

The admission committee does not just see your qualifying score. Instead they opt for a holistic approach. They give equal importance to every document you send. Statement of purpose or most commonly known as SOP is an important document. Each person in the committee goes through it thoroughly. Not every time you can get good score. Sometimes family problems, sickness, personal reason can hamper your score. You have this chance here in SOP, to write about it. Explain the reason smartly but not dramatically. The SOP is a formal document and you must keep it that way. Do not get too much emotional. At the end of the letter, take the responsibility of your grades. It shows courtesy.


  1. Recommendation Letters

As mentioned earlier about the holistic approach, the letter of recommendation also plays a significant role. Approach your best professors with whom you have worked closely. It would be best if the professor is holding a PhD degree. The professor should be willing to write for you. The experts say this can prove an efficient tool when it comes to impress admission committee. The letter of recommendation would be more effective if it comes from a teacher, or professor who has seen your downfall and then witnessed your rising in the same when given chance. It is needless to say you must maintain a good relation with professors for this purpose.


  1. Analyze the things closely

Early application may jeopardize things for you. The experts advise you wait for the perfect time and do the application process during the normal time. During this period you can work out for your weaknesses. Consult your advisers about which areas you should work upon to increase the score. Try harder to improve GPA. Academic also is of great concern. Get yourself working on the weak areas and take re-exam if you want to. The result might come in your favor. Before taking the test do consult your adviser for how to increase the score. Also go more prepared this time. You can also enroll for some certified courses. This will build a strong resume for you.


  1. Community Colleges

You can enroll to community colleges. If you are facing difficulty in getting admissions in a four year course, then a year course in community college can bag you admission in the university. The community college is the option you always have in every country. The community colleges offer you courses of duration 1 year or 1 and half year but not more than that. After completion of this course you can straight away apply for university course in the same stream. It will be easier for you to get the admission then. The community colleges are available in every country but with different names. But they are the same in all every country.

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