MBBS in China


MBBS in China is getting popular for two main reasons. First, it is easy to get admission in the medical universities of China; and second, the affordable price. The condition of Indian education are known to us; they are more concerned about draining your money and leave you dry after the degree. So in such prevailing condition, studying medical degree in China offers you a great money saving deal with quality of education.
Many a times it is seen that students are misled and exploited by agents or consulting agencies and they land to China impromptu. So it is better to do enough research before you land to get admission in any of the universities.
Each year ministry of education (MOE) issues list of Chinese universities that are eligible to give admission to the foreign student under medical degree. The course is of 6years in China. You can find the list on the link given below

Any college which is not enrolled in the list is strictly not allowed to admit foreign students for any course.


image source: www.chinaenglishmedium.com

The medical council of India (MCI) will give permission to only those students who have acquired degree from listed universities otherwise their degree will considered as invalid and they will be prohibited to practice in India.

Eligibility criteria
It requires compulsory 10+2 education. 50% in physics, chemistry and biology is required in 12th grade.

It is same as it is in India that is 4.5 years and followed by one year internship. You can choose to do internship in India or China. Mostly students come back to India for doing internship.

Total cost
You require about 25-28 lakhs to study in China. This also includes your cost of living.
Is loan facility available?
Yes loan facilities are available to student under the name of education loan from many banks. The bank ask you for the proof that your university is listed in the list published by MOE. You can pay back your loan as soon as you complete your degree and start earning.

Is studying MBBS in China worth?
Getting admission for MBBS in India is tough as well as competitive. Whereas getting admission in China is easier. They design their curriculum in such a way that it is effective as well as the student are equipped with great set of knowledge and skills. China considered to be a provider of quality of medical education at an affordable price all over the world. There is always an intake of large number of international students each year for the medical course.
1.What are the documents required?
Photo copy of the entire academic score card
Certified passport photocopy by the embassies,
Transcript record (if required or compulsorily required)
The list of documents required is sent by the university at the time of admission.

2. Is there any entrance exam?
You are exempted from giving any exam. Your academic scores are enough. You must fulfill the criteria prescribed by universities and that is enough for application process.

3. Is financial assistance available?
Yes, there is lot of Chinese scholarships available for eligible and worthy international students.

4. Intake for the course
You can apply twice during a year. First intake starts from April while second Intake starts from September.

5. Is Indian food available?
Yes, Indian food is available in many restaurants and mess in the country. You will not find it difficult to find Indian cuisine in China.

6. Availability of other facilities
All the essential facilities such as laundry, internet, and library are available with extra cost.

7. Dress code
No dress code as such till now for any university in China

8. Do the universities provide books?
The university provides list of books that you must carry along while some of them universities provide.

9. Is there any provision for backward students?
No there is no provision as such.

10. Stipend
Stipend is not provided during internships.

11. MCI screening test
You are required to appear for it, if you want to practice in India. You will have to pay for giving the screening test in India.

12. Can I apply to government jobs in India?
Yes, after clearing the test, you can apply to all government jobs in India.