Medical education in India appears very costly plus tough as we face a lot of competition for each seat in Indian medical colleges. Moreover ‘donation’ becomes the nightmare of every medical aspirant. Medical education in India is expensive as compared to many countries of the world.  If we fall short of few point in the medical entrance, we completely lose hope because as it is there will be students with much higher score competing for the same seat. With all these conditions prevailing in our country, studying MBBS in Russia offers you a great opportunity to pursue medical education. Studying MBBS in Russia is popular all around the world because of it quality education which meets the high international education standards and its affordable cost. The medical education in Russia is subsidized by Russian government up to 60-70 percent and there is completely no donation required for getting admission in the Russian universities. It costs only 12-14 lakhs to study MBBS in Russia. This cost will include tuition fees, accommodation, and living. On the top of it, Russia has world ranking and renowned universities for students. From the 100 top medical colleges Russia holds 30 positions.

From last decade there has been seen an upsurge of international students applying in Russian universities. Surely this is because they offer you world recognized degree at a bearable cost. Moreover you are exempted from giving any entrance exam for the application process.


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Degree Recoganization

After completing your MBBS or as they call MD degree if you want to start your career in any European country, you can readily start it. The Russian provides you degree which is acceptable at every nook and corner of the world. The standard of degree matches with the international standard of degree in other European countries. If you want to study further, you are eligible to apply for specific courses in US, UK, and as well as in every country of Europe. For Indian students, if you want to come back and start your career here than are you are required to give a screening test. This is universal rule for medical degree from any country. Everyone is required to give a screening test. The course in Russia is up to date to recent finding and new concepts of medical education so it will not be a problem for any student to clear the screening test. In fact, 3000 and more students from Russia are now practicing doctors in India. Also the universities prepare you for the screening test from the very first year of the course. The degree in Russia is also recognized by WHO that is world health organization and UNESCO.



The Russian universities do not demand any entrance exam for the admission process. They command you to have necessarily 10+2 education with 50% in the subject of physics, chemistry, and biology. There is even exemption for the reserved categories and only 40% is the eligibility criteria for them.

Your age limit is 25 years and the minimum age of the candidate should be 17 years before applying to the University for the Medical Course. The upper age limit is further also relaxed for reserved category students.


Course duration      

The course duration for MBBS course in English language is of 6years. You are not required to go through 1 year preparatory course before commencing of the 1st year of the course. The Russian language is taught to the student in the first 3 years of the course. This enables students to interact with the local patients effectively while undertaking clinical assistantships and internships.

The course in Russian language is of 7years. This requires you to take and learn Russian language for 1 year before the commencement of the actual 6 year medical degree program.


Admission process

  1. Fill and submit the online form the university online website.
  2. Attach photo copy of your passport, specified documents, transcript records and send it via mail and as well as post to the university.
  3. You will receive a document called admission letter as soon as you have submitted your form and other important documents.
  4. Once your application for admission has been accepted, the further process will be carried out by the Department of Federal Migration Service of Russian Federation and they will generate an official letter sending you invitation to enroll in the university.
  5. The student after this must move toward Russian embassies and consulates for the visa process. They are required to carry the below mentioned documents with them:
  • A valid passport
  • A dully filled visa application form
  • Two passport size photos. The background should be necessarily white.
  • Visa support letter which you will receive from the university
  • Copies of admission letter received from the university
  • Your medical certificate
  1. Once you receive the visa stamp, you can leave for Russia.





Fees structure

The course is for 6 years. You are required to pay tuition fees per year ranging from 3000 US$ to 4500 US$. The hostel charges can range from 300 US$ to 450US$ per year. You can also live outside hostel and rent apartment. Students mostly share apartments and this appears even cheaper to them than living in a hostel. Plus you are also required to pay for insurance, medical checkup and visa which cost a total of 310 US$.


Hostel premises

The hostel facility in the university is comfortable and safe. They provide you hostel rooms at a very reasonable rates for a year. You can also live with host families; they are always selected by the universities for you. You can also ask for dormitories; they are cheaper and save you more money. You can also share an apartment with friends.


Means of Transportation

The mode of transport is highly developed in Russia. Domestic airlines finely connect you to other countries. Trolleys, tramps and metro provide you to travel free within the city. Buses and trains are affordable to travel intercity and intra-city. The railway system is accurate and trains are always on time. They can help to reach anywhere on time with their efficiency in following time schedule.


Food in Russia

Their food is considered as superfluous with fats and carbohydrates. The main advantage of this kind of food is it keeps you harm in unbearable winters of the country. Their cuisine includes everything healthy such as egg, meat, vegetables, bread, soups etc. They consider caviar as a diet for wealthy. Indian students can enjoy home like cuisine in many popular Indian restaurants in the country.


Racing thoughts about Russia

  1. Can we the pay fees in installments?

Yes, the installment facility is available in all the universities of Russia


  1. Is the degree valid in other countries?

Yes, the degree is valid in all the leading countries such US and UK. For India you need to pass a screening test. It is compulsory for all the degree in medical course from any country.

  1. Is learning Russian is compulsory?

No, as far as you apply to course in English language learning Russian is not considered compulsory.

  1. Is there any financial assistance available?

Yes, but it is mostly for the local students. International students can apply for loans; they are readily available in many banks for students.

  1. Are visa’s mandatory?

Yes, they are.

  1. Can I pay fees via draft or cash?

Yes, the bank will directly make draft by the name of the universities and you can deposit it. As well as you can also pay by cash.

  1. Any entrance exam required?

No, you are selected on the basis of your academics score and excellence.

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