You have made so many efforts to get that admission letter from your dream university. From making the application to securing finance for your education, you did it all. So definitely, you do not want to lose this chance for any kind of silly mistake. Well, you might do not want to, but sometime the blunders in visa interviews often reduces your chances to fly abroad. They are silly and sometime many of us do it unknowingly. We should not take the risk, if such great opportunity is on bet. We are here and we will definitely help you to make through these interviews.

Let’s begin!


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  1. Well, I find this really funny and it is actually comic that there are number of people who find themselves in bewilderment regarding the venue, time and date. With this they end up missing the interview date. The first thing is to see the date, venue and time without fail and take a note of everything to remember. You can check the venue one day before and make sure that you arrive on time.


  1. The next important thing is to get all the requisite documents with you. Many a times in sheer nervousness people tend to forget some of the documents required for the visa interview. You cannot miss them. They are important. Always make a check list for the documents, and do check that you have taken everything. Below is the list of documents
  • Passport
  • Admission letter
  • LOR
  • Work experience certificate
  • Bank statement
  • Financial proof
  1. You need to look presentable. So dress nice and decent. Do not dress gaudy and over the top. Put your designer wear aside and opt for formals. Guys it is not a ramp show but a serious interview. Boys and girls, first impression is the last impression, and you got to nail it in the first attempt. The first look is crucial and mind it the interviewer is judging you on every single thing.
  1. Be honest and answer truly. There are incidences when visa are rejected because of this reason. Do not brag upon fake event. Whether it be work experience, family status or any other relevant thing, do not fake it. They can easily figure out. With a reason they are sitting there.

5.Do not indulge in unnecessary argument with the visa personnel. That shows a really unprofessional attitude. We all have heard the adage; a fool always has much to say. Sure you do not want to get count among those fools.

  1. Keep it polite. The most intolerable behaviour is being rude. Speak politely and answer terse. If you do not get the question, you can request the interviewer to repeat it. But you should not reply in rude. They come across many interviews so a polite interview is always better.

  2. Do not get nervous during the interview. The key to successful interview is to be confident. In sheer nervousness you can do a lot of blunders. If you are all prepared, carry all the necessary documents, then you are surely going to make through it successfully.

8.Lack of awareness. While making it to the interview, know the code of conduct, be aware of what is allowed inside the office and what all you need to carry with you. You may be restricted to enter if you carry any suspicious thing.


You made it through so many hurdles, so now visa interview cannot be a thing to stop you. Just follow the guide lines and you will rock it!


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