If you are planning to do further studies in France then you have chosen a destination with loads of tourist attraction, major facilities and unique approach to studies. Being a major tourist spot it is a vibrant city and has a multidimensional culture. France is a country surrounded by amazing monuments and offering great facilities. Paris, capital of France, itself has 18 top ranking universities in it. Not only in research and science application, education in France provides you multifarious courses ranging from fashion, law, mathematics, arts etc.



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French masters degree is categorized in two ways that is research level and professional level. The former level is for those who want to pursue PhD further; it involves more and more theoretical part accompanied by practical knowledge. The later one is for professionals who want to get working on the basis of degree achieved. But sometime research seeker get into professional criteria and start working, they need an experience in that, while the professionals sometimes carry out further studying. The distinction between these two courses is always flexible and so French education provides a thorough practical and theoretical approach in both categories.


Course length of French education is of 2years. This offers you to study and research thoroughly on the specialized subject. Each year is of 9month and with a Christmas break in between. There are also vacations which help you to take time to travel, do internships, carry out research etc. intense work is not experienced when in French education system.


French program involves individual teaching modules. This focuses on teaching different topic on wider approach, different queries, and different subjects according to different students. This task is done via practical, theoretical discussions and various workshops. Some program also include dissertation which involves live project. This kind of approach offers you to use your skills and training.


France also uses European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System which requires you to gain 120ECTAS credits. That indicates 60 credits per year. The assessment in France has two modes, continuous and final examination. Continuous assessment involves regular evaluation of teaching modules via quiz, presentations, regular test etc. final examination is the exam being conducted at the very end of each semester.


Other alternative to masters degree in France are specialized master’s degree which involves more intensive work than a regular master’s degree. They provide you more training and expertise in this special program. The other degree is Management of business Administrative (MBA), though this degree program started in America, France was the first to provide its course in Europe. It has many specialized and prestigious institute providing you this program. The next course is Maitrise, this not degree but a diploma. You are awarded this if you have completed your 1year in master’s course with 60credits.

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