MS in Germany


Germany  known for its wide spread forest, abundant flowing rivers known for its prosperity, sky touching mountains and not least to mention about its ‘Nachtleben’, that is fun of night. Germans are characterized and oftenly made fun for being as very intense and ecstasy but people who let such allegation endowed upon them must be considered as sporty and fun loving.


Education in Germany is one of the best you can get till date in world. The German education system for masters degree is said to be divided into two categories they are Consecutive and Non-consecutive. The former deals with gaining advance knowledge in subject of specialization in bachelor’s degree and the later on skill advancement which entails you to have bachelor’s degree and work experience. The education system of Germany is often simpler and encouraging for the native German students as well as for foreign education seekers.

For applying to universities in Germany you are required to fulfill the criteria. Most courses is in German language so as a foreign student you need submit a proficiency of knowledge of this language. While English courses are also available equally. You are obliged  to take English testing exam such as TOEFL or IELTS for these courses proving your proficiency.  Each university in Germany accepts either of the two exam, in some universities only IELTS score is only accepted. So before applying for the university you are needed to confirm which score is valid for that university. Different universities command a different specific score and below that score your application would certainly be rejected. Minimum IETTS score is many universities is 7.5band while for TOEFL is 100. Taking GRE is certainly optional but taking the exam will surely build your resume and will make you application standout among other applications.

For taking English courses you still need to be qualified to atleast A1 level of German language. With some basic knowledge of the language it becomes easier to communicate with local people and for  better living in the country. Some universities provide language classes before the commencement of course for foreign students. Only required thing is you need to join the session early to attend them.

You can apply to universities two times a year during winter session and other in summer session.  The winter session is from September to March and you need to apply as early as July 15 of each year. The other session begin in summer from March and end till September for this enrollment should be done not later than January 15 of each year. But well some universities shows exception in deadline and their date of application may vary. You can check official universities of Germany on DAAD, their dead line  and their requirement criteria.

University will also call for three letter of recommendation from your side and statement of purpose. The university sometimes require to send application by mail or fill it online depending upon norms of university .Visa process takes a long process, sometimes as much as 12weeks so it’s better to apply for it as soon as possible. Once you have confirmation from university , valid passport and visa you are ready to fly to education hub of world and land of immense opportunities, Germany.


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