It feels terrible when you lose even a smallest thing of yours, so you cannot even think of the feeling when you lose something as important as passport in a complete unknown place. A slightest though of this can create jitters in you. The whole scenario can turn out to be worst experience of lifetime. But what if you already know what to do in such situation? It will be quite easier and smoother for you, right? Exactly, for all those things, we are writing this article for our readers.

Below are the simple steps you can follow if you ever lose your passport



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  1. Apply for Emergency passport

The first thing you need to if you ever lose passport is to file a complaint making no delay. This complaint will serve as a proof in embassy to your stolen passport. After this you can apply for a temporary passport also known as emergency passport. It takes about 2weeksto get an emergency passport. You can apply for it only when you lose your original passport. You can apply for it in the cases when you are in urgent need of passport or flying out of the country. Some countries still have many restrictions upon a temporary passport. The formalities and cost for an emergency passport is near to same for those to original passport. But in some cases the embassy may charge you extra, as the process is quick with respect to the process of normal issue of the passport. You should apply for temporary passport only if it’s the last option.


  1. Apply for New Passport

All efforts by you are going in to vein in recovering your passport then you must apply for a new passport. The copy of passport though not compulsory, you can take it with you. This will expedite the whole process. If you do not have a photo copy of it, then basic information like passport number, date of issue and date of expiry will help. If you are not clear about this information then the process may take time than the usual. In such cases the embassy will have to establish a contact with the passport office in India and track down the information.

Here are the documents which you will require while making the application

  1. Proof of birth date
  2. Proof of current address
  3. Affidavit stating where and how the passport was lost
  4. Original copy of police complaint
  5. Attested photo copy of first and last pages of the passport if available.

The other option can be taking the emergency passport and flying back to India. In India you can re-issue your passport.


  1. Scan and Photocopy of Passport

For the matter of being safe you can have color photocopies of passport with you. The moment you get your passport, you must make enough photocopies of it. You should also get it scanned and keep the scanned copy on your mail, pen drive, or with someone trusted.

We would recommend you to have all your important documents scanned so that you can have copies of your documents when you lose it. You can submit the scanned copy or photo copy to the embassy. This will fasten the whole process.


  1. Utilize the technology

Scanned photo copies can always come to your rescue. Just in case if you are stopped by any official and you are asked to produce the passport, you can show them the scanned photocopy of your passport in your phone. There are lot many things you can do with your phone. It acts a storage device for all of us. You can also seek to different mobile application which allows you to store documents.


  1. Storage

Keep your passport and other important documents in a safe storage. Universities provide storage lockers to students and if you feel they are safe enough, you keep your document in it to avoid theft and loss of them. You cannot carry your passport with you everywhere, it is way more risky.

You can follow these guidelines if you ever lose your passport. For further queries and suggestion write it in the comment box, given below.

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