Place a Smile! New OPT Extension Rule Published


It was a moment of sheer relief on Friday when non-immigrants student visa rules were changed by the federal government of the United States. The international students now in United States can work for whole 3 years after completing their degree. This extension is limited to STEM students only. (yiepeeeee!!!). It is obviously a moment of joy to every international student because many of the students were like in nowhere state when the decision was vacated by the federal government. Students were either needed to leave the country or to get registered for some other expensive course to stay in US. Well, the problem has been solved and as we know the more time you get, the more opportunities you have. For now cheers for this long extension on student’s visa.

The extension of the period wills surely going to benefit us in all ways. The extension period will allow students to be in the country, helping to achieve requisite training. Of course, employer will want a long term employee for his firm to avoid unnecessary delay and chaos caused by recruiting new employees. And three years is enough long time. In fact you will be having a valid visa to work for this long time. This will lead you to get a permanent employment as well the much wanted ‘Green Card’ for a permanent citizenship.


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With this extension US claims to be one of the most desired destination for education among international students. No doubt, because only US guarantees you job after your degree program. We really cannot count on UK, Germany and other countries for jobs, right? Plus they have now put a cherry on the cake, the visa extension. We were hearing grievances of the students what they could have found the job if they have stayed for a little longer there. So this should not be the case now. you have enough time folks!

There are certain rules abide with the extension

  1. Students having degree from a university accredited by U.S department of Education and certified by SEVP can apply for this extension. So you must be conscious enough to take an account for such universities and then proceed applying.
  2. Any participating student who receives an additional degree of qualification from a college or university which has accreditation can also apply
  3. Students holding previously earned degree are eligible for the extension. Again the condition is you must have the degree from accredited college and certified by SEVP. The student’s current degree should also fulfill the above requirement.
  4. Employers who are participating in the STEM OPT must employ a formal program. The formal program should have a concrete learning objective as well as proper oversight.
  5. The concrete changes regarding the training program must be informed by the employee as well as the employer.
  6. To maintain the work flow and to ensure no foreign student is exploited in terms of wages, hours of working, environment, etc. the terms and condition should meet the standard prescribed by the U.S government.
  7. An international student needed to work 20 hrs. per week, per employer to qualify for STEM OPT.
  8. Students are given only a limited period in which they can be unemployed after the competition of CPT and start of STEM OPT.
  9. Importantly all the students are obliged to participate in the DHS E-verify program.

The above rules are generous enough and do not put you in dilemma when comes to choose your host country. The rules are made in such a way that no international student is hired on a low wage or for extra hours. The US government has taken care of their local citizen as well as international students. It ensured no local citizen is exchanged with cheaper international employee.

Well friends we will say three years is indeed a long term. You will get used to American job environment as well the job opportunities during this period. Moreover you develop a practical approach when it comes to start a career after abroad education.

The rule will come into action from 10 May 2016. This 7 months extension can change many things.

Enjoy the sigh of relief and make whole out of this opportunity.

All the best friends!

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