We face so much competition in India. Each year lot of graduates pass from different colleges affiliated to different universities and hunt for job. Recruiters are looking for qualified and skilled person for their firm. The Indian education system in some sense is failing to deliver quality education and hence not preparing student for outside competition. The education these days in our country has become money oriented. Lot of engineers work in the firm which is not related to their area of specialization. They do not get job satisfaction. The solution can be for this is realizing your strength, your area of interest than rather going for an engineer degree just by following others. The other solution can be study abroad. Undergraduate study is possible by giving SAT, a test prepared for students who aspire to study undergraduate program in U.S. SAT is even required to get admission in respectable colleges of U.K. The education system in U.S is far more vast and practical oriented. It helps student to go in depth of the subject and turn into expertise of that subject. Moreover a foreign degree from top universities in world proves sufficient for the recruiters around the globe.

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Test structure:
Due to few complaints from parents and teachers that SAT preparation cost them and also the test course differ completely from college curriculum, SAT makers made few changes in the exam. This will be useful for student taking SAT in 2016. The anticipated changes are shortening of the time by 45min, that will make the test of only 3hours now; essay section in the test will be made optional and removal of difficult vocabulary from the exam.
The test consists of three sections:
The reading section: It contains three sections covering 3 reading passages for you to solve and some sentence completion. You can expect 48 questions from reading passage while 19 questions of sentence completion. You have advantage of a little easy vocabulary if you wish to give the test in 2016.
The mathematics section: It contains 3 section of quantitative reasoning. It has 44 multiple questions and 10 numeric value questions.
The writing section: this section deals with finding error, improving sentence, improving paragraph and one essay part. The essay part may be made optional this time. You are entailed to think critically and analyze on history or science topics.

Right time to start
The big ‘no no’ for the test to prepare is to start at the 11th hour. Do not be mistaken if you are good in academic than you will sail through the test easily. This test indeed needs your preparation and time. For more guidance it is advisable to join expert coaching. The experienced staff and teachers will guide you according to your level and convenience. Some start preparing for the exam 2years before taking it that means when you are in your 11th standard. If it is not years which you can spend on the test then months should be counted. Make sure you have enough of time with you.

Buckle up!
Take the test seriously. Remember, a decent score in your test will get you admission in good college as well as bag you scholarship. The scholarship will make your life in abroad easier and with minimal pressure after you complete your program. Use quality of material for your preparations. Make sure you keep no stone unturned!

Mock tests
The more mock test you go through the more you get better idea of the test. There are numerous website which offer you toughest and relevant mock tests. Search for them. Apply to those who are ready to provide you with personalize guidance and solutions. The mock test will able you to think on questions within a stipulated time. It is obvious to have good command on English language. Vocabulary and English proficiency will prove essential in the test.

You can use calculators
The advantage of this you can now make less of your silly calculation mistakes. The test makers allow you to use calculator and also list of some essential theorems but it is advisable to memorize all the basic formula and other trick to solve mathematics section in less time. You should get used to calculator. You know all its function and what operations you can perform on your calculators. Start practicing your mathematics section using calculators.

Vocabulary and mathematics
You should work on your vocabulary from early days. A strong vocabulary is essential while solving writing and reading section. You can use various techniques for memorizing words like using flash card, reading words by alphabetically and also there are many android applications available to help you remember words.
The multiple choices in mathematics are indeed a great advantage. Try back solving and look to all options before you choose a correct answer. Try solving questions in a particular time. Do not waste much time on it. If you are not sure about the answer then move on to another question.
Negative marking
The test grants you one mark for your correct answer while cuts fractional mark for the wrong answers. The numeric value type’s questions do not carry negative marking. And even for not attempting questions do not carry negative marking.

Exam time
Do not stress out during exam. Pre-jitters of exam are usual and you have dealt with many a times. You have done enough practice, gone through number of mock test, you are prepared. So be confident and give the test will calm and cool mind. Your scores will be given to you via mail after4-6weeks of your exam. If you are not satisfied with your score you can retake exam. Be sure next time you focus on your weak points and try to improve in the next attempt. Some universities ask for your latest score in that case you can as much tests you want but some universities demand your thorough scores for that it is advisable not take test more than three times.

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