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QS Leap is founded by QS which is also known for QS world ranking universities and QS world grad school tour. It’s completely free. The basic thought behind this site was to provide free platform for those who aspire to become something. Today when all institute ask you for a great sum of money, QS has brought a revolution in field of education.

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According to the founder we have free social sites, free professional sites but nothing for education. QS Provides complete learning program for the entire exams namely GRE, GMAT, SAT, LSAT. QS Leap wants to break the old orthodox thought that if you don’t have price to pay, connection and wide network with teaching professional you cannot study. QS Indeed set a bench mark in the field of education. QS Is trying more for developing free educational site for other exams too.

The key features of QS Leap are:

Different section for different subject:

It provides you with different section for different subject and evaluates you on different sections. Thereby letting you know your strong and weak section for exam.

Section divided into different difficulty level:

Each section has three levels easy, medium and hard. Each level has wide range of questions which makes you practice each kind of questions more logically and correctly.

Solution available:

Solution and explanation for every question is available.



 If you want to solve a timed test or a non-timed test both options are available on the site. This makes you familiar with the pressure you will be facing during exam.

Daily goals and daily challenges:

On the basis of daily goal set for you, it lets you know the time you will take to finish this course. The site also provides you with daily challenges apart from daily questions you solve which makes prepare for impromptu.


The site lets you communicate with other people who are preparing for the exam. You can communicate with them using chat box regarding any help. You can follow them and have a look on their daily progress.


On your performance you are given rank in overall network and private network. You are also awarded with badges for accomplishment of certain goals.


There are various groups you can join. These groups help you to solve queries and answer your questions about everything before and after giving the exam. There are groups for post exam procedure also.


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