What After Rejection from Universities?- Students’s and Parent’s Guide


Being not admitted to the University of your Dream is emotional. The rejection sent in any form; via mail, portal or by post hurts you equally. We suddenly start to feel more emotional. We start making plans of working in an ice cream joint, or a counter boy at a fast food chain. Relax guys, you are going too far. Just take a deep breath. You can take one more.

We know the line ‘WE REGRET TO INFORM YOU THAT YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN REJECTED’ is constantly revolving around your mind since the day you have read it. Rejection from the university is painful and it’s even more painful if you are not used to failure. But things do not end here. Sometimes a rejection can also be a blessing in disguise. You may get better options and end up being happier than ever. Just focus, your aim was to pursue higher studies and you are going to achieve it.


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Head up and let’s start if over again.

  1. Track the reason

Many universities send you the reason for the rejection. It can be like incomplete form, not submission of certain documents, high cut off. Trace the reason and start short listing the universities again. This time, be careful while applying to the university. Short list universities which suit your profile. You can take help from our advisors.

  1. You can also ask for additional feedback from the university. Some universities provide them. This can be helpful to you in reviewing your application more accurately.
  2. Certain universities allow you to make the appeal against the rejection. You have to check whether your university provides this option to students. Before applying you must be sure that your profile is perfect and you do not deserve rejection. Because some universities charge you for appeal.
  3. There is always an option to re-apply to the same university. If you are sure that you fit in the university’s criteria than applying again is surely on the list.
  4. You can apply to few more university but it is advisable to apply not more than three. Pen down the advantage and disadvantage of the university. This will help you to keep the list of universities précised.
  5. Universities have their Waiting List. This list includes names that have been neither accepted nor rejected. The university maintains such list in case of cancellation of admission. The stats show that more than 10 % of the students end up in this list. You can request your university to consider you under Waiting List. A formal mail with a specified reason can do the job for you.
  6. Analyze your goals once gain. Write down your expectation from the universities and your course. It is normal to change your mind. The rejection can turn into a blessing and can lead you toward your main aim and goal.
  7. Take help from your peers, family and near ones. Sometimes small or big conversation helps to gather strength quickly. A motivation or inspiration is all you need when you are going low and your family provides you with this definitely.


Parents go through the same situation as their children. They have seen all the ups and downs of their children’s life. They want their Child to be secured and sometimes they often go beyond what they can do for their assured future. A rejection will affect all the parents with the same intensity. But the key point is helping your child to identify the silver lining from the situation. Your child needs you the most right now. So here is something you can do to help your child

  1. No personal offense

You should not take this rejection personally. The universities get so many applications that even the brightest students get rejected. A Principal of a prime institution said that it’s even harder for them to reject such good profiles but the university go lack of seats to accommodate this great number of students. There are lot more opportunities where your student can stand.

  1. Execute Plan B

Your child will most probably have other plans already if he does not get an admission in the university. They can be applying to other universities, accepting other offer letter or search for work. Encourage them to put those plans into effect. Sometimes it may happen that he will not have anything then you can help him to make a planB.

  1. Keep calm!

One should see the positive side of everything. Be generous of the things which you and your ward got during this process. The experiences surely count. Accept everything as soon as possible and act for future. There is no meaning to brood upon bygones.

  1. Help to focus

After rejection, your ward may run low and feel less focused on everything else. This thing may reflect in his upcoming test. Try to bring his confidence back. Because it is no point shedding tears over the past and ruining the present. Everything should be focused on now what? Just because he was not admitted to one university does not make him not worthy for everything.

Hope this article was helpful to you.

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